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  1. Lol I remember that like it was yesterday. Put me in a murderous rage. F*cking despise that useless bag of sh!t. Thank God the Jets got rid of him.
  2. About time someone else does it. I've been doing it for years.
  3. Same here. I loved it when they beat the Pats in '07, and was praying Brady would destroy them in 2011. Maybe that's why I hate them so much now. They made me root for Tom Brady.
  4. I used to be this way. But the last few years their fans have turned into the biggest bunch of a$$holes. Their team has won two Super Bowls recently, and yet all their fans ever talk about is us. It is a strange obsession they seem to have, especially since Rex became the coach. My guess is it's because the Jets have gotten more attention locally and nationally since he's come here. Anyway, I root against them every week now. Last Sunday was fantastic.
  5. All so true. This entire off-season my FB wall was covered with posts on how the Jets were a joke, and every Giants player was the bestest ever. It was unbearable. Now? Crickets.
  6. Exactly. A corner like Revis shuts down half the field. A D-Lineman like Mo Wilk shuts the whole thing down by killing the QB. Pay the man.
  7. Wow, a magazine for queers doesn't like the Jets. I'm outraged.
  8. Bill Belichick agrees with this statement.
  9. Coaches almost always consult others on decisions like these. They may have final say, but they always get the opinions of other members of the staff. They'd be fools if they didn't. Sometimes others see things that you might miss. You don't think Idzik got input from Rex on Milliner and Richardson before drafting them? By doing so, do you think that means Rex has more power within the organization than Idzik does?
  10. Coughlin did it with a bonifide NFL QB. Rex did it with Mark Sanchez. Just sayin'.
  11. The Jets have always been at their best as underdogs. Super Bowl III is one of the greatest upsets of all time.
  12. I think this comment got so blown out of proportion it's not even funny. He was basically trying to say that everyone has input in the decisions that are made, whether that's personnel or who starts. Idzik had no money to work with, and built a roster of stop gap vets and young draft picks. Rex has them performing right now, especially on defense. No way he's unhappy with the job Rex is doing.
  13. I love Rex, and love the job he's doing so far this season. Re-sign this beast.
  14. Minus those penalties, he was playing like one yesterday. It doesn't justify the stupid penalties, but his play was very much up to par.
  15. With the exception of that drive (and I agree that he killed us with those 15 yard personal fouls), Wilson actually played well yesterday.
  16. I love Richardson more. This kid is turning into a beast right before our eyes.
  17. Johnson is known to be a big time smack talker. He did it with Revis. He did it in 2011, mocking Plaxico (and getting fined by the league for it). Wilson was the latest target, and it paid off for Buffalo. Rex handled it properly. He took him out for a few plays to let him cool off.
  18. That's how I see it as well. Everyone has been sh*tting all over them, and they're pissed off about it. The penalties need to be addressed. Especially the personal fouls. Wilson let Stevie Johnson get in his head, and it hurt the team.
  19. Exactly. This front 7 on defense is fun to watch. And despite a rookie QB, and a general lack of talent, the offense made some big plays. They need to cut down on the penalties, but overall I'm quite happy with the job Rex is doing.
  20. He looks huge on TV. I can't imagine how big he looks in person.
  21. It was Austin Howard, making his first NFL start, not Wayne Hunter. That's what was so great about it. A UDFA, playing in his first real game, shut down their $100 million pass rusher.
  22. I don't see this as talking sh*t. He isn't saying that they will win the division. He's saying that they can if the offense can find a way to put it together. I have absolutely no problem with anything he said. I love this guy's attitude. We need more guys like him on this team.
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