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  1. LOL I know bit's endorsement of a player is the kiss of death, but does that work in reverse? Should they start fitting Geno for his yellow blazer?
  2. I really don't get the outrage over Rex playing Sanchez on Saturday. Personally I think Geno starting on Saturday night was basically a confirmation that he is going to be the starter. If that's the case, then Sanchez should have gone in when he did. You don't play the third stringer right after the starter comes out in a preseason game. I think the media would be making a big a deal if Rex hadn't played Sanchez. "Why won't Rex just say that Geno is starting?" "The competition is a farce," blah, blah blah.... At this point, according to the media, everything the Jets do is wrong.
  3. I think that depends on the severity of the separation. A grade 1 separation is more like a sprain. You'd lose strength in the shoulder, but still have a fairly normal range of motion in the arm. This could be what Sanchez has. A Grade 2 or worse means a partial or full ligament tear. That's when you'd struggle to even put on a shirt. I've had a grade 2 separation (I still have piece of bone sticking out from my shoulder from it). I'd suspect your separation was at least that as well, and I agree that there's no way Sanchez would even be able to take off his jersey and pads if he had that kind of injury.
  4. To be honest I was paying so much attention to Geno on Saturday that I didn't really watch the guards. That said, I thought the pass protection for Geno wasn't bad. There were a lot of plays where he had plenty of time. It went downhill big time once the backups came in.
  5. Wow I didn't expect Peterman to be cut. I guess they're comfortable with Vlad and Brian Winters at the guard spots.
  6. I'd honestly rather they start McElroy than bring in any of these bums.
  7. Lol. Good post. And all true.
  8. I can live with a 2-14 season if he shows progress and comes out next year ready to go.
  9. I think Geno won the job with that first TD drive. The turnovers are inevitable. He's young and inexperienced. This season is all about him taking his lumps and getting a feel for the game. It sucks that we the fans will have to endure watching that this season. But if he progresses as the season goes on, at least it will give us hope for the future. Watching Sanchez continue to make those same rookie mistakes in his fifth year really does nothing for us or the team, near our long term.
  10. Ummm.... no I didn't. Have you been reading this site the last few months?
  11. LOL exactly. Coughlin was icing our kickers. I guess he wasn't trying to win the game.
  12. And here's a fine example of why our fan base is the worst (and dumbest) in all of sports. TWO DAYS AGO: "Cut Sanchez! Start Geno! Start McElroy! Start Simms! Trade for <insert random QB name here> ! Start anybody but Sanchez!!!!!!!!" NOW, AFTER SANCHEZ'S INJURY: "Fire Rex for making Sanchez the backup QB, and then playing him late (something EVERY coach does late in preseason games), and getting him injured!!!!" You can't make this sh*t up.
  13. This probably means Oday Aboushi isn't making the final roster. Probably going to the practice squad.
  14. I agree. Barring injuries, I don't think Braylon will be on the regular season roster.
  15. I think Spadola is on specials as well. If you're not the # 1-3 receiver on a team, it's a must that you contribute on specials. I think Braylon is probably getting cut, especially if Holmes is close to being ready.
  16. From what I've seen of him in games, he looks slow. Not the same player he was in 2009-2010.
  17. + 1 Two piles of dogsh*t conversing with each other. I'll pass, thank you.
  18. I absolutely believe that. The players screwed themselves with the new CBA. These reduced offseason requirements are going to shorten players' careers.
  19. Wow bit. You've said plenty of stupid things in the past, but you're really out-doing yourself here. Trading for any QB at this point would be asinine. This season is about setting us up for the future, not pissing draft picks away on stupid, knee-jerk trades that will do little to improve our chances of going anywhere this year. Play Sanchez for a few weeks, then put Geno in when he's ready.
  20. No, but he's a high motor guy. Can't help liking those types of players.
  21. Three things stood out on the defense on Saturday: 1) Coples needs to improve at setting the edge against the run. He was caught out of position several times. Experience will help with that, and he even adjusted to it as the game went on. Unfortunately his injury will delay his progression. 2) Damon Harrison was awful. Completely failed to anchor the line, and didn't command double teams. That weakens the whole middle of the defense tremendously. 3) Milliner played poorly. He was so-so in coverage, but terrible against the run. On one run play in particular, he was unblocked, but allowed the runner to get outside along the sideline for a big gain. If he had forced the runner inside, he would have been tackled for no gain by one of the linebackers. Milliner and Coples' issues were due to inexperience. They can be fixed. But Harrison just flat-out got his ass kicked.
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