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  1. Shocked by these results. Personally I think our fanbase sucks compared to others.
  2. You absolutely keep him if he has that kind of season. If he had that kind of year last year, we'd have been a playoff team.
  3. Woody Johnson owes Long Islanders his first born for moving the team to Jersey! Petition! Petition!!!!!
  4. As am I. At 6'3", he has the size. This team sure could use a guy like this to come through for them.
  5. Wayne Chrebet 2.0* * Wishful thinking on my part.
  6. Can't be worse than some of the backup O-Linemen already on the roster. Give him a chance.
  7. The Jets' way at getting back at the media: give them the sh*ts for the entire time that they're in Cortland.
  8. This can't just be a dehydration issue.
  9. +1 Agreed. I hate to say it because Rex said it to death last year, but from what I saw last night, right now Sanchez gives the team the best chance to win. Geno doesn't look like he's ready yet.
  10. I saw some positives last night. - Our receivers didn't look nearly as bad as everyone says they are. Gates, Kerley, and Spadola (a rookie UDFA) all made plays with the ones. - Our top two TEs made plays. I thought Winslow looked good for a guy who hasn't played much the last couple of years. - Since I'm already talking about the supposed lack of talent on offense, I saw receivers getting open quite often. I'd like to think it's because we finally have a competent OC. - The starting defense looked pretty good against a very talented offense. - I thought Sanchez looked Ok after that initial screwup. Obviously there were negatives as well ( lot of penalties, Sanchez throwing a screen to a d-linemen, and some depth concerns), but I came away from this game feeling better about the team than I did after any preseason game last year.
  11. I'm curious about Spadola as well. He seems to be making a lot of plays in camp, and I want to see if he can carry that over to games. I'm excited to see Sheldon Richardson tonight.
  12. My dumps smell better than freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
  13. The Jets have the worst fanbase in all of sports.
  14. The DeWayne Robertson pick was worse than the Vernon Gholston one.
  15. +1000000000 People who don't drive Jeep Wranglers are queers.
  16. The fact that bit hates Idzik so much makes me confident that he was a good hire.
  17. Large public events like football games, combined with alcohol, is guaranteed to attract some dumbasses. I don't doubt that he is a nice guy, and I'm sure he was heckled for wearing a Sanchez jersey last year. However, I do think he loves the attention he gets. And the article kind of displays it.
  18. So in the same article, Ed first says this about leading the chant: "It wasn't about me. it never was." And then later says this: "I wanted to go out like any athlete; you always want to go out on top. I wanted to win a championship and go down the Canyon of Heroes." Really Ed? Are you sure it wasn't all about you???????
  19. I kind of wish Borgo, Raoul, Warfish, and Stokes would frequent here. I know all except Stokes post here on occasion, but it would be nice if they did more often. All of them are good guys.
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