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  1. I kind of wish Borgo, Raoul, Warfish, and Stokes would frequent here. I know all except Stokes post here on occasion, but it would be nice if they did more often. All of them are good guys.
  2. I agree. I don't think it's the worst idea. In fact, a lot of people thought Ed leading the chant made it more about him than anything else. This way, they're focusing on all of the fans rather than one guy.
  3. That isn't saying much, but thanks! Lol
  4. If Geno is the Opening Day starter, then it makes too much sense to install the Pistol. What better way to acclimate him into the league than to have him play out of the formation he's most comfortable in? We have a history of forcing players into formations or schemes that don't fit their strengths. It's refreshing to see that they're no longer doing that.
  5. +1 I gotta admit, I don't miss the other place at all. Thanks Max!
  6. The Giants and their fans just can't stop talking about the Jets. They're obsessed with us.
  7. Woody's ex is allowing this to be written. Otherwise she wouldn't be speaking to them. But I agree that this is journalism at its worst. The author states more than once how the Woody likes to keep his personal life private. So what do these vultures do to respect that? Write a book on his deceased daughter who was mentally ill. Very classy.
  8. When Rex was making his bold predictions, reporters complained that he talked too much and should shut up. Now that he's done just that, they're complaining that he isn't talking anymore.
  9. The team traded picks and players to draft Sanchez fifth overall, then gave him a large contract. If you want get on Rex for anything, get on him for failing to develop Mark. But there was no way he wasn't playing Sanchez considering everything they invested in him.
  10. Sanchez knows Mr. Idzik probably wants him out of here, so he's doing some public ass-kissing. Geno knows he's John's guy, so they're on a first name basis.
  11. No one thought the Pats were, and they've proven to be quite capable this off-season.
  12. A bunch of overpaid greedy f*cks, just like his Uncle Sean. I guess Tampa is like family to him.....
  13. When healthy? Absolutely. If he can stay in the field, I think he'll be the best free agent move we made this off-season.
  14. The Jets might hold off on bringing in another receiver for a few weeks. One reason being they may feel another team may cut someone of value, and another is they probably want to see what they already have on the roster.
  15. Why let Folk off easy? Let him fight for a spot, just like everyone else.
  16. LOL I think despite a possible cure, we shouldn't be doing things to get cancer. Other than that, I agree. I wouldn't be against a one child per couple policy. I think this planet has more than enough morons roaming on it. We don't need to keep creating more.
  17. I've lost several family members and friends to cancer, and my father is a cancer survivor. Seeing what it does to people, this would be an amazing breakthrough.
  18. Isn't Florio a WVU guy? Usually reporters have a bit of homerism when it comes to players who came from the same school they attended. I guess his hatred of the Jets outweighs his love of WVU.
  19. The way I see it, the Jets finally have a GM that negotiates contracts that are favorable for the organization he works for. Basically, if Geno turns out to be good, the Jets get him for a few years on the cheap. If he doesn't, the Jets can easily let him go, again because they got him on the cheap. I don't see what's bad about this.
  20. In my opinion, yes. I'm going to get torn apart for saying this, but I think Rex is a very good coach. He shouldn't be making personnel decisions, especially on draft day. But as a coach I think he's very good. Is he flawed? Absolutely. But this has been his first time as a head coach. There's going to be mistakes made. Also, for all of the flack about having a "Ground and Pound" offense, when you don't have a good QB, the stout defense/strong running game approach is the best option to take. I'm sure I'm stirring the hornets' nest with this one.
  21. Minus the QB, the 2010 team was close.
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