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  1. Schein has one of the most annoying voices in the entire media industry.
  2. I agree. But Kerley playing means Gates is not as likely to be on the field. Major improvement for that simple fact alone.
  3. Manuel's weapons : CJ Spiller and Stevie Johnson Geno's "weapons" : Clyde Gates and Stephen Hill Gee, I wonder who has the advantage there.........
  4. He was a third round pick, and considered a reach at that spot. That pick is looking real good right now.
  5. I think the Saints will find a way to keep Graham. I think the Giants will let Nicks walk. They seem to already be grooming Reuben Randle to replace him next year. If they do, the Jets should be all over him.
  6. The NFL is more fake than WWE these days. For all the flak that MLB and the NBA get, Goodell's NFL deserves far worse.
  7. I was worried about Vlad lining up against Wilfat. He did a great job though.
  8. That's fine, and I agree. I'm quite happy with a lot of what I'm seeing. Vlad's sudden emergence, Geno flashing his potential, the D-Line, and DeMario Davis, are all huge positives. We lack playmakers on offense, and it's killing us right now.
  9. One thing I think people are forgetting is the play of DeMario Davis. This kid looks like he's for real.
  10. While I agree that this is a rebuilding year, the team is still competitive right now. The defense is excellent, and our young QB is flashing potential, despite the mistakes (expected for a rookie). Our biggest problem is our lack of skill position players on offense.
  11. Even though he isn't nearly 100%, Holmes is the only NFL caliber receiver on the team. Hill is quickly losing my support, and Gates doesn't belong on an NFL roster.
  12. I've been trying to be patient with Hill, but last night was the last straw. The way he was carrying the ball on the play when he fumbled was inexcusable. That isn't being raw. That's being an idiot.
  13. They were dropping passes before the rain even started. Aside from Holmes, our receivers are hot garbage. Dropped passes. Stephen Hill running with the ball like it's his lunch bag and he's trying to catch the school bus. Just horrible. Last night made me really appreciate guys like Wayne Chrebet and Cotch. Guys who weren't fast, but still found ways to get open, and caught EVERYTHING that was thrown to them.
  14. I miss Cotch big time. This f*cking bum killed us last night.
  15. Probably some massage oil to rub on Mike Mayock's ears.
  16. Yeah, because all of those dropped passes that were right in his chest were Geno's fault.
  17. Psst....we never had Victor Cruz.
  18. I'm fine with how he played. The turnovers were because he tried to force things out of frustration. His receivers killed him tonight.
  19. This team is scrappy. Gotta love that. We just need some receivers who can actually catch passes.
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