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  1. If Braylon is healed, bring him back and get Gates off this f*cking team. What a waste of space.
  2. Me too. We're not very talented, but we're not the pushovers people thought we'd be.
  3. Seriously. Geno played well until he started forcing things late. We win this game easily if we had a f*cking receiver who could catch. Hill and Gates are garbage.
  4. Exactly. That last pick was on Hill. Ran the wrong route.
  5. Looks like Hill was supposed to run a comeback.
  6. The Jets winning isn't going to help that.
  7. They've forced Brady into several bad throws.
  8. The team whose receivers suck less will win the game.
  9. New England really isn't good this year.
  10. That's why they've kept no one back to return.
  11. He's still crying because we didn't give DeWayne Robertson a few more years to develop.....
  12. Man this is some ball-licking Mayock is giving Belichick tonight.
  13. Absolutely. Their receivers are just as bad.
  14. Let Spadola play. Can't be worse than Hill and Gates.
  15. He looks like one of the infected from 28 Days Later.
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