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  1. I agree that it's going to take a little time for the line to jell. But that doesn't excuse Mangold from getting beat so badly on certain plays. He was lousy yesterday.
  2. This defense will keep us in games. Good QB play can overcome a lack of talent elsewhere. Watching Geno improve over the course of one game gives me hope. If he can continue to progress each week, then this team will surprise some people.
  3. A lot of people compare Geno to Aaron Brooks, but to me he's more Donovan McNabb-like in his skill set. Primarily a passer, but has enough mobility to pick up first downs with his legs if there is an opening.
  4. Why is no one talking about Mangold's poor play? I saw him whiff on several running plays. Just awful. His pass protection was spotty as well. I love the guy. But he shouldn't get a pass when he plays poorly. Yesterday was one of his worst games.
  5. Manuel has more to work with. He also played the Pats defense, which is absolutely terrible. Geno hung in there with a lot of pressure in his face. I'm pleased with his performance today.
  6. Exhibit A on why this fanbase is the worst in all of sports. We're not a super talented team. Expect ugly wins like this. Don't complain, just enjoy them.
  7. "The circus continues" **** John Lynch. Circus is in your old city, mother****er.
  8. Yeah but OL, Receivers, and RBs are terrible. Still coming away from this game happy about Geno.
  9. Yes it was the defense that lost a game where the opposing team couldn't get out of their own way.
  10. He's a rookie. He's going to make mistakes. The fact that he rebounded after the turnovers is encouraging.
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