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  1. There's actually a pretty simple explanation for the negativity: The NY fanbase has a whole lot of Italians and Jews among them. And we LOVE to bitch about pretty much anything. Even Giants fans are that way. It isn't just a Jets thing. Just look at how Giants fans were midseason last year. Lots of Giants fans wanted Coughlin fired. Even in the playoffs of the 2007 season, they wanted Eli gone. Now Eli and Coughlin are the bestest ever. But I guarantee if the Giants stink it up this year, you'll hear the same kind of bitching from their fans that Jets fans are doing now. I guarantee it. And that isn't racial thing. I am italian myself. We just love to complain.
  2. I respect bit immensely, but his greatest flaw is his inability to admit when he's wrong.
  3. Amazing how people have forgotten the condition this franchise was in when Tanny took over as GM. He's done a very good job since getting promoted.
  4. This. I've said it before on here, the Jets will never be a prolific, pass-happy offense as long as Rex Ryan is the head coach. Rex wants a ball control offense. Once you realize that, you realize that Sparano is exactly the type of OC Rex wants. Rex can finally build the team ENTIRELY how he wants. Expect the O-Line and RB positions to be thoroughly addressed this offseason.
  5. The Parcells Offense, with the Ryan Defense. I love it!
  6. Judging by the departure of all of the other offensive coaches, the Jets are cleaning house. I imagine Cavanaugh will be out pretty soon.
  7. YES! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Weeks was NOT the D-Line coach. He's OLBs/Asst. D-Line. Mark Carrier is the D-Line coach. http://www.newyorkjets.com/team/coaches.html
  9. They'll be looking for another head coach in 2-3 years.
  10. Ellard didn't jump ship. His contract was up, and the Jets decided not to retain him. In other words, he was fired. Considering the performance of our receivers, he deserved it.
  11. That intern is the guy who helped Maybin save his career. If there is a person who deserved a promotion on this staff, it's him. BTW I thought Mark Carrier is the D-Line coach? Weeks was the OLBs coach. Last time I checked our OLBs sucked.
  12. They're cleaning house. Excellent!
  13. Admittedly I don't know much about this guy, other than his offense running all over us this season. Can't be worse than Schotty.....
  14. ......just like some Jet fans don't continue to harbor any hatred for Don Shula after the Mud Bowl in 1983, amirite?
  15. Giants fans (especially the older ones) have had it in for us since the day Rex was hired. Part of that is because he stole their thunder in the local media. But also I think it has to do with his father, who's Eagle teams were always the blemish on what many Giant fans consider their Golden Age: the Parcells Years. Buddy Ryan's Eagles (with Randall Cunningham, Seth Joyner, Reggie White, etc) always gave Parcells' Giants a hard time, and I think they still hate him for it, and that hatred carried over to his sons. All the talk from Rex only intensified it.
  16. This year has been a nightmare. I am a Penn State fan, and watching that whole disaster unfold has been awful (not to mention sickening). Now the Jets have suddenly gone from being respected (finally) to returning to being the butt of jokes. All the talk from Giants fans has compounded it. The last few weeks have been absolute misery.
  17. Love the Haley/Sparano idea. That would be a huge upgrade. Koetter? Meh.
  18. McDouchebag, O'Brien.....it doesn't matter. Brady is what makes that offense work. No one else.
  19. So he played well in the playoffs.....but they won despite him. Sound logic.
  20. You don't invest multiple picks and millions of dollars on a QB, then give up on him after his third year, unless he's shown you absolutely NOTHING during that time (ie: Jamarcus Russell). Despite all the criticism, Sanchez has been fairly successful here. 4 playoff wins, and two AFC Championship Game appearances. And he played his best football in those games. People may get tired of hearing that, but it's the truth, and it's not something to overlook. He didn't play well this year. Some of it isn't his fault (O-Line, running game, WRs, horrible playcalling), while some of it certainly is. But to discount the previous two years and give up on him would be foolish.
  21. He killed the team with his play this year. RT should be the top priority. That and a safety.
  22. Everybody is looking to turn this team into a high-powered offense. That's pie-in-the-sky. We will never be that kind of team with a defensive coach like Rex running the show. Rex is all about ball control on offense to compliment his ideal suffocating defense. Contrary to what many think, this team isn't far from becoming that kind of team. Our biggest problem on offense wasn't Sanchez or the receivers. It was the O-Line. Because of the lack of protection, Sanchez became very uncomfortable in the pocket. This affected every aspect of his game. Accuracy (not his strong point to begin with), deep passes, mechanics (something people loved about him coming out college), all were negatively affected by the lack of protection. I also think he was banged up much more than anyone has let on. He took some big hits over the course of the year. The O-Line was also the biggest culprit for the complete failure of the running game. A mauler on the right side (which is what Damien Woody was, and what Wayne Hunter isn't) will greatly help that. A true blocking TE will do so as well. Our D-Line is sound, and going to be even better with all of that youth getting a real offseason's worth of training. Westerman got better as the season wore on, and he got some experience. Him, Pace, and an early draft pick (not to mention Maybin in passing situations) can work. We need an ILB, because I think Bart Scott is done. What killed us the most was our inability to stop TEs from gashing us. A good cover safety can help remedy that. That's two or three acquisitions in free agency and/or the draft that can fix the defense. Building the kind of team Rex would want is very doable.
  23. 1. Fix the O-Line. Draft a mauler at RT, and sign at least one capable backup. 2. Get a real blocking TE. Mulligan is absolutely terrible. This can probably be filled in Free Agency. 3. Draft or sign a cover safety. Our inability to cover TEs has killed us. 4. An inside LB would be nice as well. 5. Fire Brian Schottenheimer
  24. I felt the exact same way. The roster had some fairly big holes this year, and I didn't see us going past the first round of the playoffs if we had gotten in. Sanchez regressed, but part of that was the weakness of the O-Line and the failure of the running game. Fix the O-Line, get another RB, and the offense will be fine. One thing people need to realize is the offense will never be great with a head coach like Rex. His way of doing things will never warrant it. He wants a ball control offense, with a suffocating defense. And contrary to what people say, it's a tried and true approach. The receivers are an issue. I think Tone and Plax both should go. But no matter what they do, beefing up the O-Line is the key to fixing this offense. As for the defense, we're maybe two or three players from being an excellent defense again. At least one cover safety and one ILB. Maybe an outside LB as well. I absolutely love the potential of our D-Line. They're young, big, and athletic. Ellis and Wilkerson are going to be monsters in a year or two.
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