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  1. Were you traveling out of state for work at week 38-39 of your wife's pregnancy?
  2. The backup was running all over them.
  3. Agree. This is the type of player we'll regret passing on. If he's there at 4, take him and don't look back.
  4. If he falls to us in the second round, then I'm Ok with taking him. But I'm not crazy about moving up for a center. It isn't a dire need.
  5. Pretty cool. I didn't realize he had coaching aspirations.
  6. Normally I think Kiper is a jackass. But I have to admit, I don't hate that draft.
  7. His appearances on Stern were legendary. I loved Gilbert.
  8. His comment was said in poor taste. You're announcing a person's death. It's better not to preface that with the person's failures. It isn't something to fire him over, but I also understand why it pissed off a lot of players. They know (and are likely close friends with) lots of people who haven't met expectations in the NFL. I think Schefter sincerely didn't mean any harm with his comment. It was an honest mistake. I'm glad he took the high road in the end.
  9. The perception of this team is for sh*t because they haven't sniffed the playoffs in over a decade.
  10. Yep. The injuries this team has sustained the last few years have been murder. Just brutal.
  11. It's funny how this news came out at the same time that Seattle made public that they want two first round picks for DK Metcalf. JD giving the Seahawks the middle finger
  12. Agree. Five picks in the first two rounds would be pretty sweet.
  13. Yep. I remember Kacy missed a couple of weeks in 2017 (I think) due to some health issue, and Bowles called the defense while he was out. That defense was lights out during that two week period, and then reverted back to being garbage as soon as Kacy returned. Bowles is a good coach, but his loyalty to friends is his Achilles heel.
  14. Never take a safety in the top 10. Ever.
  15. Not shocked at all by this. Dan Campbell is another Rex Ryan. HBO was likely foaming at the mouth at the chance of having the Lions on the show.
  16. Oh wow. Now I get it. That means nothing can ever be authentic. Ya got me...
  17. Agree. As Will Smith is coming up on stage, Chris Rock laughingly says "Uh-oh!" As if he thinks Will Smith is coming to playfully go after him. Then says "Oh wow" after he gets hit. He didn't expect to get hit for real.
  18. I know many think this was staged, and I totally understand their argument as to why, but I think it was real. Will Smith has been dealing with his wife airing all of their dirty laundry, including her infidelity, which must be humiliating to him. I think that had a lot to do with his behavior last night. The dude seems to be cracking up. I also don't think Chris Rock would have made the joke if he was aware of her condition. Otherwise he'd be facing huge criticism for being insensitive. He handled the whole thing like a pro. Didn't let it fluster him and moved on.
  19. Exactly. He would have upped his offer if he was desperate.
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