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  1. Jamal Adams being stuck in Seattle with Sam Darnold and Geno Smith as his QBs sounds absolutely DELICIOUS.
  2. Becoming a father to two young girls has certainly made me more aware of that. Funny how they happens. I've also realized there's more than a handful of people on this board who I'd get sheer bliss out of splitting their heads open with a meat cleaver.
  3. Completely agree. Thank you @Jetlife33
  4. It's Mangini-esque. You should be happy.
  5. YAH but what about Captin Mawgan!!!!
  6. Cheep azz muddaphuggah! JD awlways dumpsta divin'!!!!!
  7. Not for anything, but how is that not tampering? They have a deal in place one minute into the legal tampering period.
  8. LOL Hughes trolling this b!tchy fanbase. I love it.
  9. LOL I'm totally not getting any work done today.
  10. You'd think by now everyone on this site would know not to take these pre-free agency tweets about the Jets interest in players so seriously. Agents have been pushing this b.s. to reporters to create leverage in negotiations since John Idzik was here. And every year you guys buy into it, then get pissed when it turns out that none of it was true. You people are so f*cking gullible.
  11. My brother coached Riley's younger brother a few years ago. He met Elijah a few times. Said he's a great kid. Don't know why I'm sharing this, but whatevs.
  12. The Panthers reek of desperation. The front office and coach are in big time job preservation mode.
  13. Jets fans: "Woody needs to stop meddling!!!!!!" Also Jets fans: "Woody taking an ambassadorship and trying to buy a soccer team shows his focus isn't on the Jets!!!!"
  14. A safety at #4 does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help this team. Not a damned thing. All it does is hasten JD and Saleh's dismissal from the organization. It's a pick losers make.
  15. Yep. Use the top picks on pass rushers and/or offensive linemen. Don't waste one on a safety when you can find perfectly good ones later on in the draft.
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