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  1. @RealSkipBayless Also possible that Belichick outsmarted himself just like 4th and 2 against the Colts

  2. @RealSkipBayless If If was a fif we'd all be drunk

  3. I'm going to TailgateJoe NY Jets Tailgate Party vs Browns #biggestnyjetstailgate https://t.co/sp6yLPUdIO

  4. Chocolate @dearAdaobi how you living dear? hope all is well.

  5. Ok Shutting down social networking for an hour or so. I need to focus.

  6. Drink up Be Merry RT @fifiqt33: My brother is so hilarious. RT @AkedaKeyz: Thirsty niggas will do anything for a sip.....

  7. Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday. Praise HIM for blessing another day and pray for those who he has summoned be with HIM

  8. Together let us live...and if need be...together let us die #omegapsiphi see you at the crossroads..

  9. Damn...still in disbelief...R.I.P. @My_BlessedLife

  10. "Why this chick just sit her big a$$ next to me tho?" @N_Essence1 LMAO

  11. If you're a Que and you're not @ Howard 4 the Centennial Rededication ceremony you're missing history in the making...

  12. Bruhs coming to DC tonight Official Centennial Celebration at The Park tonight RSVP for free admission http://t.co/REgIlWz only 10 minutes

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