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  1. Because i don’t really want to play. Sorry
  2. So what if I’m crazy? The best people are.
  3. No, just DT please! I’ll hang out with you and make fun of everyone.
  4. Ty guys for my last game. This one was filled with teh lulz ❤️ pac, ty for modding ❤️
  5. 80, if I had recruited you, would you have outed me?
  6. I wanted you, but you were already shacked up.
  7. LOL well the posts I skimmed you seemed like you were being a whiny bitch. Then I converted you out of desperation 😘
  8. Whiny bitch should be a category in every game.
  9. Best part of the game for me was making Pac write so many failed conversion scenes lol

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