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  1. Nolder will need 10 rage naps after he catches up.
  2. @JiF I was expecting some Bowie by now.
  3. That sucks, it’s crappy and cold here.
  4. Probably, but he’ll give up his team if he is.
  5. You’re really starting to overreact here. I’m feeling way more comfortable with my vote now.
  6. It’s early day 1, you’re taking this pretty seriously.
  7. Good. No self-pity this game! unvote
  8. Omg I needed that laugh! @Jetsfan80 @Verbal @AVM
  9. He was also the third vote on Pac, always an early interesting placement. where is @Pac?
  10. We’ve moved on to the next game already.
  11. Looks like Stark caught you up. @AVM’s my puddin’!
  12. Sometimes I have good games, last few times I played I felt like I was fumbling around.
  13. We could just vote him, puddin’ CHAOS
  14. I got so used to playing scum that to this day I still forget how to be town
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