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  1. Mostly going off vote placement and his AJ or 80 had to be the lynch yesterday.
  2. I think we can either go with JiFs reads or one of JC/Jets today.
  3. Yeah but they could easily hit town. I’d rather scum die tonight and then we can assess what else happens for a lynch tomorrow.
  4. How does the vig know who another scum member is?
  5. Another scum most likely between JC and Jets.
  6. Pretty obvious what 80 was trying to do now that we know he was tracker.
  7. That’s a lot to digest. AJ dies next.
  8. Still dealing with the oil guy here. He’s been here 2 hours and hasn’t left yet. I’ll catch fully up after he goes.
  9. We should lynch 80 and vig can make their own undirected choice.
  10. Potentially. We do have a 3 pm deadline because of him lol.
  11. I still didn’t like Jets overreaction, but if we have to pick a couple top wagons I’d more vote 80 over AVM, but I’ll consolidate if needed.
  12. So we have just over 5 hours to get a majority. my boiler broke, so I no longer have meetings, but now I’m waiting for someone to come fix it and then Lysol down the house once they leave. why is AVM gaining a train? Drums, Spoot and Barry votes are meh. I can see the logic behind 80. AJ I don’t really get JC’s reasoning for it has to be AJ or 80, 80 would make more sense. Me, I’m town. Jets, overreaction. I’m going to try to re-read before deadline, all depends on when the repair guy shows up.
  13. Is there really a deadline today at 3 pm? Just asking because I have a few meetings this afternoon.
  14. JiF already feels 200% more town than last game.
  15. @Nolder looks at the thread, leaves
  16. So...over or under if he just mod kills all of us? @Nolder
  17. So I take it we are collectively going crazier than usual?
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