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  1. Didn’t mean to ghost, got caught up in Animal Crossing and watching tv. I just realized its way later than I thought. DPR’s read on SMC still isn’t sitting right with me. I could vote for drums as well. He’s been on my list for days. I don’t feel great about Hess or SMC with that hammer.
  2. Nolder’s D1 case on Drums moved me, yours is helping. I still don’t feel comfortable with DPR’s town read on SMC, so I’ll revisit DPR later in a reread. unvote, vote Drums
  3. Are you Batmaning this sh*t right now?
  4. Cool. Still don’t see how Wes got that from your posts.
  5. SMC has like 20 posts which are all fairly neutral, a lot of which were talking about old games. How do you have a town read on him?
  6. With him, who knows. I don’t think I’m ready to vote him yet. His train has pretty much stalled out there like Gata’s.
  7. Yeah his tone seems pretty out of the game. Not sure if that makes him town or another vamp though. I was trying to do a reread on my work laptop, but damn that thing hates JN. Took me 3 minutes to be able to reply to Drums.
  8. I don't get you. Are you town or vamp? Did you say why you are voting AJ?
  9. Lizzie is a strange creature. Normally he has a bit more hectic flair to him.
  10. I was slammed with meetings all day and I’ve been unwinding playing video games. I’ll be in the game thread tomorrow. I think I only have 1 meeting. I'm trying to stay current but I don’t have much to add until I can read back. Also don’t expect much from me like you used to. I don’t have that in me since I retired mafia.
  11. Yeah some train analysis will be helpful from before the pause vs. D1.
  12. I like your thinking up until Nol’s kill. I don’t know if we should speculate too much into what powers the vamps have until we learn more of what is going on in the game. i don’t want to be chasing our tails for nothing. I like your lynch candidate pool, except for Jvill. What made you add him to your list? I had him as a light town read.
  13. My response to JiF was in relation to JiF loving on Nolder. MT is Crushlove. It had nothing to do with you. Not sure what you are trying to say here. I admit I wasn’t reading the best the past few days, but from what I recall, there was a lot of going back and forth between you and Nol. Enough where Nol actually made a case on you Day 1. I was moved by that case. JC is thrown in as a third wheel due to his voting off of both of your remarks. JC is a hard one for me to read, always find him scummy. His hammering a townie won’t change anything for me until I can go back and read his posts, no time right now slammed with work today.
  14. @AVM I’ll get to you after this call.
  15. So looks like all attempts have failed, that’s good at least.
  16. I ran an alien game, I forget if it was cult or not.
  17. It looks like there was an attempt at night too.
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