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  1. On calls until 3:30, I’ll pop in earlier if any end early.
  2. You’d get a better answer out of @Verbal
  3. He’s good, busy with school and all that.
  4. Is it a normal visit or is something wrong?
  5. How many times can you say cult or conversion in a day?
  6. No, more I have no read on you and if voting you got you to step up or just flail around, it would help me read you.
  7. Good morning. I have terrible bedside manner.
  8. Did I say you were scum anywhere in this thread? No. I said you were underwhelming and I could vote you. Clearly saying that has lit a fire under your ass and I should have said it yesterday. Would I vote you now, no. Stop being a turd and go get yourself in the town pile.
  9. I haven’t given a **** for like the past 3 years...
  10. I don’t fully know what I expect out of you, but the only memorable stuff is you basically saying people should know your play style by now. And now you look like you are OMGUSing anyone who either is or mention they might vote you.
  11. Is it d2 or D3 yet? No, so gfy. You have one of the worst records of reading me since I dgaf anymore and just play more laid back.
  12. You’re underwhelming as are the rest of the people I can’t get a read on. She asked me about you, so I answered. Me? I’m trying to post when I can and get reads on people. Not really easy with 80 bitching up a storm about conversions, you just saying everyone knows your play style, and all the emo, booze and porn reviews.
  13. I said yesterday, I like Nol’s case on Drums. Nol is coming off as frustrated town and he’s given a lot of reads/notes that I don’t see him doing as scum. Verb is underwhelming and I could vote there if the day moves that way.
  14. Lol, I don’t see how me responding to people is over defensive.
  15. I gave a list. Did you miss the whiny bitches category?
  16. I think we are. I like the odds on tree stump.
  17. To be fair, he did brilliantly drag our sorry asses across the finish line that one time in SMC’s game.
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