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  1. 30 minutes ago, Pac said:

    The helpless victims whining and begging were disgraceful..

    "Please not me..  I have things I can offer...  I whine about stuff and get mad"

    "Shut up.  Time for a permanent nap, Vamp"

    "But..  I'm not a Vammm"...

    blade frost GIF by BBQ Films




    Nolder Dieter Reinhardt (Town Gladiator), is DEAD!


    it wasn’t even Wednesday :( 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Nolder said:

    Lol no. You're lucky Pac likes to write game related scenes. Take what you can get pleb.


    All you newbies better prepare for pain this is going to be the single most frustrating game you will ever play. It will be so bad you will not want to play conversion games ever again in the future.


    @Leelou what happened last time you ran a conversion game? Someone outed the scum team everyone screamed at each other and tried to quit right?


    Yeah...this is going to be a long game. Sigh.

    You’d get a better answer out of @Verbal

  3. 9 hours ago, Nolder said:





    Yeah I jailed Darthe and the rules were unclear whether he could say he was jailed while in jail or something and I asked him to wait until Mynd got on to clarify and he basically told me to go **** myself and did it anyway while Mynd was asleep. Imo if the rules are unclear and you KNOW they are unclear you wait for the mod to clarify you don't do what you want and worry about the consequences later. That's just ****ed imo.


    Anyway. I miss Wombat how is he doing @Leelou?

    He’s good, busy with school and all that. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, DPR said:

    FWIW, I've been reading Lee & Nyn closely (I know them vs. the new players i don't) and after my initial ping on Nyn, I haven't seen either do anything that I'd call anti-town.

    I don't know that I would request either as a care-giver in the retirement home, but nothing anti-town.  

    Good morning. 😃 

    I have terrible bedside manner. 

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  5. Just now, Verbal said:

    And that makes me scum?

    Did I say you were scum anywhere in this thread? No. I said you were underwhelming and I could vote you. Clearly saying that has lit a fire under your ass and I should have said it yesterday. Would I vote you now, no. Stop being a turd and go get yourself in the town pile.

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  6. 1 minute ago, Verbal said:

    I absolutely do not, know why?  Because since you dgaf anymore, I have barely played with you.....so my chances to read you have been super seldom.  That explanation doesn't stick, sorry.


    But yeah, it's D1.  I don't like the feeling I get from you thus far, but that's as subject to change as whatever gender I feel like being tomorrow.  ;-)


    I haven’t given a **** for like the past 3 years...

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  7. 1 minute ago, Verbal said:

    Bold: he's mentioned it a bunch, yeah.  Ignore it?

    Italics:  I'm defending silly nudges, what would you expect?

    Underline:  not much booze, 1 mention of porn, but yeah the emo is a thing and a distraction....you're right about that.


    But underwhelming gives the impression you expected me to take charge of the game on D1 and be blazing trails.  Unless somebody shows their ass that badly, I don't see anybody doing that. 

    I don’t fully know what I expect out of you, but the only memorable stuff is you basically saying people should know your play style by now. And now you look like you are OMGUSing anyone who either is or mention they might vote you. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Verbal said:

    Hmm, interesting.  I admit I did not notice that.  I'm going to step back from my scum lean on you and put you back to null for now.  I would think scum-Nyn would be more obvious about making it known her vote was also controlled.  If you did, I totally missed it.  That said, this is a better look.



    She gave the weakest possible answer she could have given, so yes.  By D2-3, I'd say I read Leelou as well as anybody that's ever played with her, and so far it doesn't look good.

    Is it d2 or D3 yet? No, so gfy. You have one of the worst records of reading me since I dgaf anymore and just play more laid back. 

  9. 15 minutes ago, Verbal said:

    80 is my holding pattern every game until I figure out who I really want to lynch.  Nothing new.



    Underwhelming?  Did you expect me to be pushing something hard at this point in the game?  As I always have, I ramp up as the game goes along.....I'm waiting for some death to help shed light on the game and how I'm reading things.  I'd expect half the game is doing the same thing.  How about you?  What exactly are you doing that is any different?

    You’re underwhelming as are the rest of the people I can’t get a read on. She asked me about you, so I answered. 

    Me? I’m trying to post when I can and get reads on people. Not really easy with 80 bitching up a storm about conversions, you just saying everyone knows your play style, and all the emo, booze and porn reviews. 

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  10. 19 minutes ago, Nynaeve said:

    Why drums?

    Why do you think nol is town?


    Also I'd really like your take on Verb's play so far

    I said yesterday, I like Nol’s case on Drums. 

    Nol is coming off as frustrated town and he’s given a lot of reads/notes that I don’t see him doing as scum.


    Verb is underwhelming and I could vote there if the day moves that way. 

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