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  1. I really don't know you guys yet, so I'm just watching for the moment. I'll be way more active as the game progresses and I get a better feel as to your personalities and attitudes.
  2. Boo that gtalk is blocked, but you should have hunted me down earlier. I almost forgot to come check. *sits in Verbal's lap* Miss you over there.
  3. I can already tell it's more active than DM over here.
  4. Hiya! I was warned, but I'm an Irish chick from Boston. So fair warning, I can dish it out right back at ya.
  5. I don't know, Verbal looks kinda mannish, but don't tell her that.
  6. Do you still need more players? If so, I'd like to sign up. You can blame Verbal for bringing another girl from DM.
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