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  1. I'm done having an emo meltdown and can now return to game play.

    I don't trust the vig role in general unless they don't just shoot randomly, but wait until they are pretty sure they have scum.

    DPR - shame on you. Directing the vig kill only ends up helping the scum.

    Brett, you are someone I'm going to watch - you are jumping all over the place and have made a few off comments that I don't have time to go back and look for right now.

  2. Tempted to vote to evoke more EMO!!!

    Serious question; if we decide to lynch you, will you vow to never play mafia again? Not that I want you to never play again, just curious. Its kind of the thing to do at JN.

    Where is Song? I miss her. She's the only reason why I signed up to play. Just want to squeeze her tightly...a nice warm embrace. Then public sex.

    I'll play again. Just having a really bad week and absolutely no time. Sorry for the emo, just a lot of crap going on today that I wasn't expecting.

  3. Sorry, still on the run so this will be a brief run down for me.

    CTM - coming off scummy at first and now you seem like a dejected roleless townie. Still unsure about you, but again a train was building quickly and a few votes without much reason at all.

    Brett - You are just bandwagoning onto trains with not much input. Classic scum tactic. Also you were on Ape's list, good place to start looking.

    Lily - You are making very odd townie moves and remarks. It is almost making me start to wonder if there is a cult in this game.

    Verbal - I can't believe you missed date night last night, where the hell are you?

    I'm going to vote Brett

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