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  1. Still way too many people in this game I can’t get a read on. people I’m alright with and don’t want to vote today (in no particular order): JiF, Nyn, Barry, AVM, Stark, Hess, Jvill no real feels yet: Lizzie, SMC, 32E, Beaver, AJ, Wes Whinny bitches: Nolder, CTM, 80, verbal Could vote: Gata - informational JC - Dustin review Drums - I liked Nol’s case
  2. Okay, it’s Day 1. If you think this is a cult game, then do your best to find the cult leader.
  3. Cults are a 3rd party, separate from scum.
  4. 1. Lizzie, best course of action for town 2. neutral
  5. My current reads are: everyone needs to go take a walk outside. Jeez. still catching up.
  6. Hi there. Any actual game thoughts yet?
  7. I keep forgetting Lizzie is in the game. I can’t tell if that is a good or bad thing yet.
  8. Lol well bot was autocorrected to bit and boy before it kept bot.
  9. What causes more chaos than a bot on the fritz? edit: autocorrect
  10. Your application was processed earlier this game and accepted.
  11. We don’t need him/her/them, but a bot would be useful.
  12. I want baked scallops with all this seafood talk.
  13. He is a hard one to read, especially early game.
  14. What do you think of JC? He’s like an off-shoot trifecta to the Nol v. drums showdown.
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