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  1. I’ve mindmelded with you and a robot. Oh dear god help me.
  2. Oh no, I posted the same thing as someone else again. The horror
  3. I’m not, though. JiF said he was interested in your case on me and I wanted to show what it was: not a case.
  4. I’ll time my posting for the end of the game then once everyone has had their chances to post.
  5. Look at time stamps, she posted while I was posting. No weird thing on timing, that’s when I caught up after being offline almost 24 hours. Is it the CHAOS thing?
  6. ^my first post since my last post sometime on Sunday. Barry’s “case”
  7. Nah, he’s voting me because I said something about Nyn catching up.
  8. I was just calling out what I saw. It stuck out to me that a few people were calling her out for missing Verb’s post.
  9. Just calling out something that struck me as odd.
  10. The bastards killed me day 1 while I was busy winning a glorious scum game here.
  11. This thread is not making my post-migraine fog any better lol. After catching up and seeing there is something odd going on with the votes and Gata’s odd question about the mod silencing a player and not really having a sufficient answer to JiF, I feel comfortable moving to Gata. Also not sure if it is my phone being weird, or still just my head but I swear I saw her self vote like three times. I could also vote for Nolder on principle for calling small dogs ratdogs. All those people calling out Nyn for not seeing Verbal’s post, to me it looked like she was catching up and replying to posts. unvote, vote Gata
  12. Good morning, Happy Easter Is anyone else getting a terrible storm tomorrow? Isn’t every morning?
  13. It’s okay, I’ll vote the right person and no one will vote with me so I’ll just vote for Spoot (even though he’s not playing).
  14. I’ve already done this. We should send Barry.
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