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  1. 1 minute ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    It was 1 minute later. I was watching in real time.


    Does anyone else find it suspicious that Hess accused JiF of being Blade and was killed by Blade shortly after? Hess pointed at Nyn (apprentice SK)/JiF interactions as the reason. I looked into this and nyn did have JiF as town, and gave him some defending. 

    Do you think it is just one SK left, or multiple? 

  2. My thoughts so far, doubt SMC is town. 

    JiF, 80 most likely town.

    AVM, JC, Jvill, Stark, and Verbal probably town. 

    CTM is either town or a convert. 

    Drums, meh not town.

    Boozer, could vote there.

    Something feels off about the pirate.

    Can’t read Barry. 

    Also could vote for Beaver.

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  3. 3 hours ago, JiF said:

    Leelou dropped this post hammer.  

    Opened the day voting DRP.

    SMC is arguably my strongest town read.

    She didnt really "revisit" DPR, rather, she voted him and ghosted.


    Didn’t mean to ghost, got caught up in Animal Crossing and watching tv. I just realized its way later than I thought. 

    DPR’s read on SMC still isn’t sitting right with me. I could vote for drums as well. He’s been on my list for days. 

    I don’t feel great about Hess or SMC with that hammer. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, DPR said:

    I am correcting my above mistake, based on CTM's catch that I misread Beaver's original quote.

    Beaver said that CTM's future behavior might change, NOT SMC's. 

    Which comes as a relief, because my iso of SMC puts him on my Town list. 

    SMC has like 20 posts which are all fairly neutral, a lot of which were talking about old games. How do you have a town read on him? 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Verbal said:

    I'm pretty confident CTM is not the CL.

    Yeah his tone seems pretty out of the game. Not sure if that makes him town or another vamp though. 

    I was trying to do a reread on my work laptop, but damn that thing hates JN. Took me 3 minutes to be able to reply to Drums. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Drums said:

    This Lizzie guy is eerily similar to the Greek we played with a few games ago, they both even parked on Gata. Anyway, I can get behind the idea of lynching an inactive, I'm just trying to figure out which one at this point. 


    Lizzie is a strange creature. Normally he has a bit more hectic flair to him. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Nynaeve said:

    Honestly I still feel pretty good about drums. DPR trended up with getting a bit more involved. Really liked Barry digging in on his suss and sharing thoughts and observation. Felt very through and focused. I still kinda like Jville though someone commented that he plays like this as either alignment so not feeling super confident there since I don't have a lot of experience reading him. AVM also made some valid posts.

    Verb is back to null. TO BE CONTINUED. Same as AJ though out of the two AJ sounds better. As far as SMC he is a low poster but when he does make a point of saying something it seems fine. Like I'm not blown away by any means, but he hasn't said anything that bothered me.

    Lee is rapidly trending down. She feels withdrawn... maybe displeased. Shame cause she seemed observant at first but it fell through. Not quite ready to lynch her but my antenna is definitely up.

    Would lynch: 80, Lizzie, CTM.

    Hess, JC and JiF are pretty much ???? lol  - ie there's stuff I liked and stuff I didn't like. Out of the three I prolly feel best about Hess.

    The rest I don't remember much from. Stark, beaver and boozer I think. It also does't help that I keep mixing up beaver and boozer and have no idea from the little I remember which post belongs to who xD

    I was slammed with meetings all day and I’ve been unwinding playing video games. I’ll be in the game thread tomorrow. I think I only have 1 meeting. 

    I'm trying to stay current but I don’t have much to add until I can read back. Also don’t expect much from me like you used to. I don’t have that in me since I retired mafia. 

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