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  1. All depends on when I go back to the office.
  2. Sorry for flaking, I had some busy days at work and then had a hard time getting back into the game.
  3. She only goes in Petco, she doesn’t bite and is making great strides in not barking like an a$$hole at the mailman.
  4. @Nolder here’s a picture of my cute puppy
  5. @Nolder will be up in like 5 hours.
  6. Who tf schedules a 3 pm Friday meeting -__-
  7. I almost self-hammered for sh*ts and giggles, but opted against it.
  8. Yeah, no more reading is going to help me here. One of you 3 is scum.
  9. Fine by me, I can’t see the point to dragging out this game.
  10. No. I don’t want a no lynch. Game ends with today’s vote.
  11. Jvill won’t vote for Spoot.
  12. Deadline is like 11 pm. For some reason I thought it was am. I’m not going to be around for that tonight so can we figure this out during the day?
  13. Convince me, otherwise not really.
  14. Yeah yesterday I said if your scum you are having a good game. I looked at your post interactions with Pac. Slightly changed my mind on you. I could still vote for Spoot.
  15. SMC thread me please. @SMC sorry to hear about your dad getting sick
  16. Been busier than expected today. I reviewed my list from yesterday and I think I’m going with Jvill. Mostly because I have had a horrible read all game on people and I think he’s trying to have a clean townie appearance. Or it’s Spoot. vote Jvill
  17. Jvill or Spoot for me today. I’m free after 3 so I’ll read back on the other 3 players and vote then.
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