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  1. I’m still okay with my vote. Deadline isn’t til tomorrow.
  2. Working, tight deadlines today. Skimming along as I get a chance.
  3. Living (town to scum) Leelou - town Jvill - his game was neutral to begin with, and then he put in work with cases, if scum then I think he’s having a decent game Pac - at least there wasn’t much self-pity this game, I can see him being more disengaged as town with all town power roles gone. I don’t really see this as a scum play Barry - I’m in the middle on you, I’ll admit I only did a quick skim of your posts and nothing is screaming out one way or the other Beaver - lower of the town end, I didn’t mind really any of your posts and I can agree with why you’d want to lynch me Spoot - The back and forth with AVM sticks out to me, and id like to know what your hunch is on me. Only thing that gives me slight pause is your unvote on JETs during the lynch. Dead 80 - Town Tracker, Lynched D1 AJ - Communist Goon, Killed N1 Jif - Communist Symp, Killed N1 JC - Town Bodyguard, Lynched D2 Drums - Killed N2 Stark - Town Vigilante, Killed N2 JETS - Wolverine, Lynched D3 AVM - Wolverine, Killed N3 vote Spoot
  4. I can’t really help it that you guys keep making lynches happen when I’m not really around. Had I been on when the AJ/80 debacle went down, I would have switched to AJ. 80 was plain as day ccing. I know it was a deadline that day, but I had a repairman in my house and couldn’t jump on. I can’t believe JC played pretty much the same crappy way around his lynch and didn’t come out and claim.
  5. He stopped that years ago. I’ll try for a reread again tomorrow. Since there is no deadline I’m not rushed.
  6. Basically asking for numbers since Drums is an unknown. Is there a deadline?
  7. What are our hypothetical numbers for lynches?
  8. I mean, he voted me yesterday so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Sorry I’m failing as town, really not trying to make excuses, but I really don’t have reads on anyone else alive without doing a reread.
  9. Eh, I mean I can understand if he’s town and feels that way.
  10. No, I just remember why I quit mafia in the first place. I don’t find it fun anymore to dig through a thread over and over.
  11. I’ve slightly lost the will to play right now. I’m going to focus on work for a bit and circle back to the game after.
  12. He’s been one of the last ones on 2 townie lynches now. He hasn’t really added anything for scum hunting. He had odd reactions to votes on D1.
  13. Good morning. Sucks we lost Stark. Vote Jets
  14. We’re missing both beavers and drums.
  15. Are we actually in sync this game?
  16. Competing trains wouldn’t hurt.
  17. Nothing stood out in his posts that I saw.
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