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  1. Man, today was probably the hardest day since I got the news. I met with my uncle and aunt at the hospital and we hired a notary to do a power of attorney signing. Long story short my mom wouldn’t sign. I think she’s still struggling to understand what’s going on even though she recognizes family from say a nurse. I wouldn’t sign anything either I guess if I couldn’t understand what it was. She was also mad at us and was waving for us to leave which I think really upset my aunt. So now I can’t access her bank account to pay her bills (they’re not extensive I can still swing it but this would have taken most of the stress from the situation) and I have to probably hire a lawyer I guess? To get a conservatorship? I don’t know a lot of this is new to me. Anyway that takes time. In the meanwhile my mom can eat again and was moved to a skilled nursing facility so she’s improved some more. Maybe I’ll give her a couple more weeks to improve some more and try the notary again.
  2. We’ve used discord a couple times and JN PMs a couple times. PMs kinda suck. Discord is ok but I feel weird/bad asking people to sign up and download an app to play mafia on JN so I haven’t used it for my games. Quicktopic was nice because you DIDNT have to sign up to use it. I still haven’t found any replacement I like. Unfortunately for the moment discord does seem like the best option and most people here seem ok with it so maybe my misgivings are unnecessary.
  3. Wow Town won? You guys must have massacred the scum. I'll do a longer post mortem on this game later when I have time but I just want to say right now that I purposely put in a lot of ways to die so this game would end relatively fast. Everything was designed for extra potential deaths. From a Doctor with limited protections to a Cop that was easier to lynch combined with Framer running around it was all supposed to make people drop like flies (while still hopefully being balanced). I hope everyone had some fun and a huge thank you to @Drums for stepping in to mod for me. I also really appreciate all of your well wishes about my mom. I know you are all just people on the internet but it meant more to me than maybe it should have especially that first night/day when I found out. The situation right now is that she's awake, she can't talk or swallow, and she can only move her left side. She's shown some improvement since I first went to see her but I'm not sure how much that's going to continue. At this point my family is faced with considering my moms wishes in a case like this which is essentially to stop giving her care and letting her pass away. My mom told me more than once, and apparently my aunt (her twin) as well which I never knew until now, that if she was ever in a position where she couldn't walk or eat or shower and dress without help she didn't want to live. She never wanted to be taken care of like that and have an artificial life. I'm going to give her more time because I know strokes can take some time to even show small improvements but as it is right now her improvement has plateaued. I'll let you guys know if anything changes one way or another.
  4. Hey guys I just found out my mom had a stroke and is in the hospital. I don’t know how this is going to effect the game yet, it might not, but I’m in that space where I just don’t know anything. I hope I can keep modding or if not possibly hand the game over to someone to finish for me. I’ll update you guys if anything changes.
  5. I did a LOTR themed game a long time ago on another site based on the uhh epilogue section of LOTR called The Scouring of The Shire. I don’t know if you’ve read the books or not but this got cut from the films. Basically the Hobbits come back from their adventures and the Shire is no longer beautiful. The trees have been cut down and the waters polluted, the landscape is dotted with ugly buildings meant for industry. When they question people about it they find out evil men have taken over under the leadership of someone named Sharky. As they’re asking around they are confronted by Sheriffs who are basically hobbits working with Sharky and almost get arrested. Long story short they gather a small hobbit army and fight off Sharky’s men only to find out he’s actually Saruman. After a conversation Wormtongue kills him and I think runs off. The Shire is restored and the ending is more or less the same from there. Anyway it was one of my favorite games I’ve modded and I’d definitely be up for a LOTR game in the future.
  6. Votecount 80 - jvill, Stark, Smash (3) Greenseed - 80 (1) Jif - Pac, jgb (2) jgb - lurker, greenseed, Jif, Ape (4) Arsis - Beaver (1) Barry - Arsis (1) Ape - Barry (1) With 16 alive it takes 9 to lynch. DEADLINE: Monday 9AM EST
  7. I mean, yeah if there was ever an appropriate time to use that it’s now LOL.
  8. Votecount 80 - jvill, Stark, Smash (3) Greenseed - 80 (1) Jif - Pac, jgb (2) jgb - lurker, greenseed, Jif, Ape (4) Arsis - Beaver (1) Barry - Arsis (1) Ape - Barry (1) With 16 alive it takes 9 to lynch. DEADLINE: Monday 9AM EST
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