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  1. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    Hey so I'm supposed to name a backup for this. I don't think I'll need one but you never know I guess. Any chance I can get a volunteer? Remember you probably wont have to do anything at all.
  2. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    What do you think of my idea? If we schedule only 4 games a year and try to up the quality (everyone has to up their game) I think we can still have good games we just won't have as many as we used to. Quality over quantity.
  3. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    As for this thing... I guess if no one else wants to do it (Nyn?) I will if it's ok with everyone. I just might need some grouping/timing accommodations if that's ok with thingyman.
  4. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    That's not really true. We sometimes have trouble starting games and some games are slow and frustrating but I was just looking back at some of the games we just played in the last year and they were great imo. Pacs Indiana jones, DPRs alien strike squad, Hess' mother****ing wizard of oz! And more even. I know we don't play as many games anymore and some of them even suck but per year we still have fun. Idk, I was feeling like this place was kind of over for mafia too but looking back even at the past year it doesn't have to be. Maybe if we played less games per year but put more effort into modding and playing the games we do play we can still keep the fun going for awhile longer. Let's maybe schedule one game per quarter (3 months) giving us a total of only 4 games per year? That's not too overwhelming I think. Thoughts anyone?
  5. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    I thought maybe it others were pushy you might. /shrug
  6. Nolder

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    I'm sorry but there are so many things I'd rather smell with my last day than people. Bacon for starters.
  7. Nolder

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    Cool! Glad the cartels didn't get ya lol. I'm sure others will be pouring in on Monday with their well wishes so for now have a happy Easter Sunday and welcome home (I assume?). P.S. A few of us are signed up for a mafia game on DM that's close to starting if you'd like to join. AJ is modding and theme is fast food mafia. Remember that pic Crusher kept saying he wanted to make a gAme out of? That's the theme. Anyway hope to see you play if you're not too busy. Or anyone else reading this as well.
  8. Nolder

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    I legit thought it was Christian mingle? Lol close enough I guess. Congrats 80! May you be happy together for as long as you both shall live. Where did you honeymoon?
  9. Nolder

    Werewolf Online

    How does it play on the phone?
  10. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    @Lizard King are you doing this??
  11. Nolder

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    ???? he had me post last year too iirc.
  12. Nolder

    Alcoholic Anonymous mafia game

    Idk if you'd want to play two at once but you're being requested on DM.

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