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  1. Nolder

    Mafia forum off season chat thread

    The long wait begins...
  2. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Well yeah that's true. I apologized more than once and while that does not excuse my lack of due diligence I did also give you a new role to use that was not as dependent on my being very active. I'll take the hit on this one but in the future if something, anything, makes you feel like you just don't want to play the game anymore can you do me the courtesy of letting me know? I could have possibly replaced you if you'd told me from the time I messaged you about changing your role that you didn't really want to play anymore but by the time it got to end game I didn't want to toss an entire game on someone elses shoulders. Anyway I don't think you handled that right but I'm not in a position to throw stones on this one so we'll call it even if you don't mind. Let's both do better next time yeah?
  3. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    They are in the dead thread. Stark was 3rd Mason and Brick was originally a Vote Pinner (anyone he votes cannot change their vote) but I realized I wasn't around to operate that like it deserved so I changed him to a Vengeful Townie (shoots someone when he's lynched).
  4. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Oh dude wow I'm sorry to hear that. No one would have blamed you if you just completely bounced least of all me. Hope things go alright
  5. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Let me give you guys a preview of the next game I run, probably next year.
  6. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    I will say, as usual, Ape was kind of a dick to people....BUT he deserved a better town than the one he got stuck with. I don't say this often about someone with a brain the size of a tangerine but IMHO Ape was Town MVP as far as actual gameplay went (granted gameplay was pretty sparse).
  7. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    You still talking robospeak? I have no idea wtf you're trying to say lol.
  8. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Probably after Jets don't make the playoffs, usually after the Jets lose the playoffs, definitely after two teams that aren't the Jets play the Super Bowl. SOMETIMES we get together for a "holiday" game but don't count on it.
  9. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Thanks man. We PROBABLY should have ended on the high note of Pac's game but I think this went alright for what it was and I appreciate everyone who participated. Even Brick. You could, in theory, call what he did a strategy to get lynched and shoot someone. I'll leave the rest of you to argue the merits of such a strategy though.
  10. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Awww come onnn it's just a joke. Actually I don't even like football. 😂
  11. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Yeah seriously, hats off to those two. They went way above and beyond what I required of them to satisfy their PR requirements. Great job guys. Did anyone even notice 80s or did that go UTR?
  12. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Huh? Wasn't that the clown that ate kids or something?
  13. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Normally I wouldn't have included Mason and Yakuza together because that is sort of kind of teetering on the edge of bastard modding...buuuut since I figured this game was going to be a bit more lax and I'm used to running disaster games anyway I said **** it. That is why I added the post restrictions (and also because 3 masons is not the norm so I wanted to make it ever so slightly harder on you guys). So yes any of the Masons could have been recruited. They would still have access to the Mason chat but they WOULDN'T have to keep doing the post restriction I gave out. Would have been sort of funny/interesting to see you or Leelou or 80 just talk normal all of a sudden. I wonder if the other two would have even got suspicious or thought that I wasn't paying attention.
  14. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    It is especially powerful with role cop. For example if you guys had role cop'd Ape early in the game, well that can't be roleblocked but he could be recruited so that was basically your counter even though you didn't need it. Maybe you'll see it again in one of my games in the future. It is definitely a role I really like but I specifically try not to overuse it because it is so powerful and can cause a lot of paranoia.
  15. Nolder

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Did you ever even leave? **** you you could have played my game lol.