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  1. Ehhhhh. Look some may disagree but I'm really not that egocentric about my mafia games. I can see what doesn't work and what does and I can definitely admit when I **** up (which unfortunately is fairly often). This game had a good and fun theme but the foundation of the setup was shaky and that's what I think pushed people into the apathy. I don't blame them much. Again, probably a little scum sided and deadline instead of hammer. Those are both my fault. The cop thing should have just been done in a totally different game tbh. Again, that's on me. And once the apathy sinks in it's like
  2. Yeah there was no cop. I was doing a thing where people could vote on a cop power. The idea was to still give cop investigations but also have townies question those votes in addition to the votes to lynch other players. I'm still interested in trying that so I might use it again some day. The game may have been scum sided though I'll definitely concede that.
  3. It didn't even matter though the miller never came into play. Nah his bad attitude predates this game anyway.
  4. Your choice. Not sure what your problem was but it doesn't matter now.
  5. Oh if you all want to post your characters some people might like to know that.
  6. So this game didn't work out like I was hoping. I think the theme was fun and some of you really played up the characters I assigned which I appreciate and believe was the best part of the game. Deadlines didn't work well. Shoulda known better you guys never do well with deadline setups lol. I like them though so I always give them a stab once in awhile. Also the cop thing was something I was trying out but again it just didn't mesh. I guess it needed to be in a bigger game first of all or maybe start on D1? Idk maybe I'll revisit that some day. Anyway not my best game but imo not my wors
  7. Keep being a dick all the time and I'm going to put you on ignore. I don't mind some razing but I have a limit. Ok with that said it was a pretty simple setup. 1 Mafia Godfather (the father) who had a 1 time innocent result (aka faulty DNA test) 1 Mafia Suicide Bomber (kill yourself and another player) 1 Mafia Goon vs 1 Miller (shows as guilty if investigated) 6 Vanilla Townies No scum thread since QT is shutting down. They talked a tiny bit in PM but I promise it's nothing worth reading.
  8. Anti climatic lol. Should have paid more attention to who was alive and dead.
  9. Ahem. Due to a uhh legal situation we will not be able to continue to film this episode of Maury nor will it be shown on television or any other medium. Mr. Jif, whom we can now reveal due to the results of a DNA paternity test is in fact the father of Cherry's baby, and who's father happens to be a big time lawyer from Beverly Hills has threatened a lawsuit. Apparently our usual legal waivers were not signed and returned and someone didn't notice...anyway long story short the show is over. If Cherry wants any sort of child support or anything like that she will have to have the court to
  10. Is that right? I think that's right... **** it close enough. I think we're all ready for this to be done anyway it ran it's course. Not my worst game but coulda been better...
  11. Gonna try to figure this out... Players 1. Crusher - dead 2. Barry - dead 3. Greenseed 4. Stark - dead 5. Spoot - dead 6. Hess 7. Pac - dead 8. Jif 9. JC - dead 10. 80
  12. Wait...who the **** is still alive in this game? I don't even know
  13. Sorry everyone there has been a mistake. Spoot, the lovely lady you've all been chatting with while figuring out who is the father of Cherry's baby, was supposed to be our guest on the next episode of Maury we were filming right after this one. She got confused and came to set early. We've sent her into a waiting room until this episode wraps up so she can find out who the father of HER baby is. And, obviously, she is NOT the father of Cherry's baby. Alright we're getting down to the wire here only a few potential daddies left here. Which one of you lucky men is going to pay C
  14. I was out to dinner kind of late and I missed the deadline and since I already missed it I figured I'd just start Day later. So that's what happened in case anyone was wondering.
  15. Deadline 24 hours Tuesday 8PM NST 11PM EST
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