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  1. Maybe you accidentally deleted it without realizing.
  2. Hey I almost forgot, I tried this awhile back. It was a pretty good beer but it didn't really remind me too much of Newcastle. I didn't end up seeing an oatmeal stout while I was at the liquor store. I think I like this whole style of English brown Ale in general so I'll probably think any of them are at least alright. You say there is a difference between Northern and Southern though? Hmmm next time I'll go and try a bunch of English Ales and compare and see which style I like more. Probably Northern but who knows. Also the site lists your birthday as today so if that's right have a good one
  3. I just checked all my posts in this game (not many) and I never said the word "regret" so you must be paraphrasing. Please explain what you're talking about because even though I quit I left with the pretense that I was mad about the argument over policy lynching and even though it's possible to read between the lines as scum quitting because scum got lynched there is nothing I said to purposely give anyone that idea or impression. I was mad but I wouldn't do something like that.
  4. ???? I'm almost positive you're misinterpreting something here.
  5. So I don't really know how to say this I'll just start typing and see how it goes. I'd like to apologize first to @jvill 51 for bailing on his game and forcing him to scramble for a replacement for me and also thank him for modding as well. The game looked really cool and I had a lot of fun for as long as I was in it and the balance looked fine and all that. I hope you run a sequel and I hope you wont mind if I play in it if you do. If you do though, understandable. Maybe I'll make it up to you by sitting out and helping you do votecounts instead or something. We'll cross that brid
  6. Nice win on slots! My buddy won a couple grand on his Vegas wedding as well. Sorry hard 10 didn't pan out. Congrats again btw.
  7. Yeah I'm not going to derail the whole game arguing with people who think the best way to play is to run people up and demand claims until everyone knows what everyone else is. It's not only bad play it's boring play. I long for the day when a scum team grows the balls to exploit the stupid meta that's taken hold here. Until then I've asked Jvill to replace me. Have a nice game everyone.
  8. How is it that only @Pac of all people understands this?
  9. Thats bad play. Stop trying to force claims from people. If you are suspicious enough of someone to want them to claim just vote them. They'll claim if they have a reason to do so. Being a doctor or whatever shouldn't just be a get out of lynch free card like everyone treats PRs. Exactly. If scum know someone is a VT they're (usually) not going to kill them. 100% disagree. It's more paint by numbers to run people up, demand a claim, and let them go until you get a claim that contradicts like two cops or whatever. It's brainless.
  10. I gotta go but I'm not switching at this point anyway. its a huge mistake to leave kdels alive hopefully y'all realize that. ill be back in a bit.
  11. Don't take this the wrong way because it literally took me years to realize this, but that's ******* stupid. It's not what VT is for. VT is for providing cover for PRs. If you claim VT you're giving up the only influence you have over the game aside from your vote. I'll go over this more later but really think about it. It's not productive to claim as VT.
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