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  1. Just remember Crusher chose to defend me and then only turned on me when it looked like I was going down either way. Yes Gata I'm SK. Had a pretty sh*tty run tbh.
  2. @The Crusher I thought we could work together and settle the winner after Town was done for but I guess you chose another path. I'd wish you luck...but I actually hope you lose for backstabbing me like this. Anyway I'm half drunk and it's late so I'm not gonna wait for Hess. Everyone can 14. Good night.
  3. Just FYI in 100% honesty before I die, I am pretty sure Crusher is scum.
  4. Actually I took my strategy from @Verbal You're making a mistake. Another one I mean. How have I been "erratic"? wtf? Omg use your head! I know you're not this dumb. YOU shot ME last night. I self protected and lived. Brick didn't protect anyone. Big surprise. Have you ever taken my side Smash? Like is it a personal thing or what? I feel mostly vindicated but it seems like you all are going to make the wrong decision. Whatever I'll just say I told you so after the game I guess. And yes that's correct I've protected myself each night.
  5. Traitorous dog! We should have put you down days ago. Also, your hints are cute but they don't mean jack sh*t.
  6. Yeah I guess we're ready huh? People will just need to make up their minds and choose between us. Good luck dogger. Vote Brick
  7. He found out Smash's bacon was Turkey Bacon.
  8. Yes, somewhat. Never had a good read on anyone. I'd rather trust myself in that case than someone else.
  9. Goodnight. Try not to shoot anyone in your sleep.
  10. So anyway my best guess is Brick like I said previously but it's mostly just a guess. Does anyone have anything better?
  11. Strongly disagree but not in the mood to argue the point. Too hungry actually.
  12. You shot the doc dodo.