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  1. It's a forum game. There are usually two teams the Town and the Mafia. The people who are Town only know that they themselves are Town while the members of the Mafia all know each other and talk privately. The goal of the game is for Town to get rid of all the Mafia before Mafia outnumber them. The game is played in two phases a Day phase where players talk and decides together on one player to eliminate from the game by voting and a Night phase where the Mafia secretly choose to eliminate a Town player by killing them. This continues until either all the Mafia get voted out during the Day by
  2. I dont understand why that show has become popular overnight. It's like Tiger King all over again. Don't you all have anything better to do than sit around watching a Korean drama??
  3. Ok, then don't do it lol. Why you being difficult?
  4. Hey Zander, been awhile. Hope you show up for next season lol. Because I'm too lazy to do such a thing and you are now the discord guy.
  5. I was busy. Doing those rereads on everyone wasn't exactly easy. I legitimately put time and thought into not only summarizing each persons play but also what I thought could be any relevant case against them while intentionally going easy (imo) on Crusher and Spoot. I understand how to some it may have looked like I was just rehashing the game but that's not all I was doing.
  6. So basically right when the game ended things got a little hectic for me and I never had time to do the end game stuff until now. So GG to everyone I have no idea how we won let alone how I survived. I'm going to have to guess that either my teammates were amazing and/or town was just not up to par because I usually crash and burn as scum hard. Thank you Barry for modding, other than the guessing game we had to play as scum this game was great and had a great setup. No harm in thinking outside the box but imo it didn't work out this time. No biggie, you should see some of my failures haha. Any
  7. @Barry McCockinner you should see if literally anyone else here uses discord willingly beside you and me and make a JN server if we have enough people.
  8. I appreciate the game but I suspect we played one too many. Only @Smashmouthcould out emo what we got going on this game.
  9. These are the questions I'd like addressed. Tbh I don't think there is an answer besides them being scummates but I'm still willing to listen to what 80 has to say about it.
  10. Have you never heard of bussing? I don't care who's voting with me.
  11. Amazing. You guys are always telling me my policy votes are stupid and don't mean anything etc etc yet when I try to move past an action like self voting and try to focus on other things I'm being roasted for it. Lesson learned and make a note: from now on if someone does something that fits my criteria for a policy lynch I will be voting that player until they are dead. No exceptions.
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