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  1. Thanks, I appreciate the gesture but I don't think this one is happening. We kind of needed every day we had I think to finish before the football draft now I'm not sure that we could. Also it looks like you might not be the only one not wanting to play in my games so... Probably better to just call this one postponed. Maybe I'll tag you if I run it later.
  2. Maybe it might be better to wait until after that draft you were talking about. If people aren't rushing to sign up for another game maybe a little break is needed. I just thought we all wanted to cram one more in. I'm fine with chilling for awhile if there isn't enough interest.
  3. Just by the way, since I think I have some very interesting dynamics at work which I'm trying to keep underwraps, I'll give you all a teaser to entice you. Voting will not work normally in this game. You start with no vote. Instead voting comes in the form of Throwing Knives which can be purchased from The Shop at Night for $100 per knife. Everyone will see how many votes you buy at Night from The Shop...unless you buy some from The Black Market for double the price. Further explanation of this and other mechanics will be explained when the game starts. This is not a vanilla g
  4. LOL! I was just ******* around having fun with the theme. Glad to see I was driving the scum team a little crazy early on.
  5. Not a breadcrumb. I was just letting Beaver know I didn't like his response to me. Like I said it seemed evasive at the time.
  6. You know, I will say that in a way you were done in by my lazy play. If I had had something else to go on maybe I would have put you on the backburner while I pursued something else but because I hadn't been paying attention you were the only person I had any focus on so I more or less just stayed with that. So I'll take a little credit but not too much. GG though you didn't play bad at all.
  7. This game is loosely based on the video game Counter Strike (with some mild influence from Call of Duty) adapted to a Mafia style game. The terrorists have infiltrated a high priority military base and are attempting to plant a bomb. Your mission is to stop them. As is customary for a Counter Strike game you will be given a certain amount of cash at the start to buy and customize your equipment. Additionally certain tasks in the game will earn you extra money. During the Night you will be able to visit me in the Shop Quicktopic to openly purchase whatever gear you want or you can opt to PM me
  8. I'm 90% sure I can make this work. There will be limited spots available and no guarantee on balance as per usual with my closed setup games lol. Will post sign ups in a little while.
  9. I have 3 different ideas for a game at the moment. No idea if they would be quick though? I can run as a deadline game I guess to stay on a schedule. When is this draft?
  10. I don't know how I feel about the new forum update turning threads into like, a narrative? lol
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