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  1. Ohhh okie! So like when I was 13 I got my first bra but I couldn't fill it out and then I read online you could use toilet paper to stuff them full so I did that but I guess some poopy was on the paper I used and it was stinky and my mom walked in on me and was like what's that smell and I said aftershave but somehow she knew I was lying. And so she called my dad and he came home from work and he said son I am disapoint and you are going to play football for the Patriots some day and now I do. Whew I feel much better ok who's next???
  2. Ohhhh I get it. You want me to do a twirl for the cameras? *spins around* Tee hee, how's that?😘
  3. What does turn the **** over mean?
  4. Yeah, that's the Venice I know. Last time I was there there was a guy that looked kind of like Jesus with no shirt on rollerblading down the walkway playing a guitar.
  5. There is a certain type of person that lives in Venice. I can only describe them as weird but it goes so much further than that.
  6. ^ awkward scum interaction ^ LOL
  7. Vote Ape You disgust me.
  8. Cool. Yeah Venice isn't really that fun imo. Santa Monica used to be nice but it's too crowded now. If I wanted to go to the beach I'd either go to Long Beach or maybe Malibu or even so far as Santa Barbra depending on what kind of day I have planned. Venice is just weirdo central lol.
  9. Anyone here besides me actually been to Venice Beach before? @JiF?
  10. You mean you didn't send them already when you signed up? No wonder he had to ask.
  11. I walk onto the court, toss my beautiful head of hair behind my head, look into each and every one of your eyes sensually and much longer than necessary, bite my lip and smile a little. Hey. I'm here to play basketball.
  12. Yeah man they've got the sassiest fast food account on twitter.
  13. I have no idea. Do you like him?

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