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  1. I've been watching documentaries avidly since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I've seen so many good ones through the years I don't think I'll be able to recall most of them. I'll drop a few favorites though. Blue Planet 1 and 2 + other BBC docs Pretty much the best general ocean documentaries out there right now imo. Amazing high quality footage, amazing soundtrack (BP2 had Hans Zimmer even), and of course narrated by David Attenborough. I would also highly recommend the sister series Planet Earth I and II as well as Green Planet. Planet Earth focuses on biomes such as Caves, Deserts, Jungles, etc while Green Planet focuses entirely on amazing plant life. Just amazing nature docs highly recommend all of them and yes I've watched every episode many times. Specifically I've probably watched Episode 2 of Blue Planet (The Deep) somewhere between 50-100 times because I put it on sometimes to fall asleep to but end up watching it lol. Around the world in 80 gardens This one might not be for everyone but this is a series of documentaries I highly enjoyed and most of them are even on Youtube. This guy named Monty Don who I think is kind of a TV celebrity in the UK goes around the world and visits different kinds of gardens from structured European gardens made during the Renaissance to unstructured gardens in South America back to Zen gardens in Japan and so on. Not only is it interesting to see but he usually talks to the people who take care of the gardens and how long they've been doing it and what sorts of plants and trees are there. How It's Made & Modern Marvels Moving away from nature for a second we got two series that dive deep into engineering and human ingenuity. Every episode of Modern Marvels talks about some massive project and the tools and people that made it happen while How It's Made is usually more about your every day products you don't think about like a toothpick or a frozen pizza and takes you on a tour through the factories that make them. Both are great depending on what you're in the mood for. Space The Universe is a great general space documentary and covers things from specific planets to the asteroid belt and how stars are made, etc. Cosmos (I still prefer Carl Sagan's version but it is very outdated) is a lot more about our place in the universe. Brian Cox has several space documentary series he's done and all are pretty good so if you like space stuff I'd look them up. Nova & Horizon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nova_(American_TV_program) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon_(British_TV_series) Nova and Horizon are really broad in category and have been going for decades but they both produced some of the best docs I've seen. Highly recommend just browsing what they've made and watching anything that stands out. That's all I got off the top of my head but I will definitely be back any time I think of something or the next time I watch a good doc. And just for fun I'll end recommending not a series of docs but a standalone I watched. If you're into video games, stocks, or just general internet culture it's a fun watch.
  2. I watched 24 when it was first coming out for a couple seasons and then I stopped and kind of forgot about it. I'm just going back now and rewatching it all. First couple seasons are really intense but afterward it's kind of the same old thing. Terrorists gonna terror and Jack Bauer will save the day with a little torture and off the book help from his friends. I haven't finished Bosch I think I'm on season 4 right now. I would say it's been pretty consistent up to what I've seen so if you didn't enjoy season 1 you probably wont like season 2 or 3 either.
  3. In fairness I didn't see Wandavision. I have seen a few clips and reviews and from what I can tell it took far too long to get to the point. I also, just, I don't really like the whole thing they went for from the outset. Aping on old 1950s style sitcoms and all that...ehhhh. Maybe this one is more of a personal taste thing but I'm pretty sure I would not have enjoyed Wandavision had I watched it. Falcon and Winter Soldier I watched 2 or 3 episodes of. I started noticing that I really wasn't interested in Falcon's family drama despite liking him in the movies just fine. The entire time I just wanted to get back to Bucky but even when we did it seemed like his stuff progressed at a snails pace so I dropped the show. Honestly that's a big thing about these Disney+ shows: they drag things out too much. There's far too much filler, nostalgia, hanging shots, etc and very little plot progression. It's like I'm watching anime where the characters power up for 10 episodes before finally having their big battle. If you start removing their filler all these shows shrink dramatically. I'm just not willing to sit through 8 or 10 episodes what they could have told in 4-6 if they hadn't strung us along. Hawkeye was probably the final straw for me. I was looking forward to this one and honestly the show isn't even really about him. They slapped the name Hawkeye on it and replaced him in his own show. It's cool if you liked it but for a show named Hawkeye I wanted more Hawkeye than I got. I was told Moon Knight was good and I still might check it out but with shows like Peaky Blinders and Better Call Saul wrapping up and a new season of The Boys I probably wont get to it for awhile. Yeah. I didn't watch Jessica Jones but my buddy did and he said he enjoyed it. I watched Punisher and Iron Fist those were alright. I didn't watch the crossover thing, whatever they called it, where they all got together. I forgot about Star Wars Rebels. I haven't watched it but I did hear it was more or less on par with Clone Wars so I'll give you guys that one. Boba Fett was a total mess though. I'm dreading Kenobi because I don't want them to ruin it.
  4. No problem I thought it was a movie at first too.
  5. Tried to watch Northman last night but it wasn't very good so turned it off and watched Fantastic Beasts Secrets of Dumbledore which also wasn't great but it was a little better than Northman. The problem with Fantastic Beasts is they had this great premise: Wizard Steve Irwin finds/saves/collects magical Pokemon. It could be a series of movies but probably works even better as a TV show. He could have maybe a few friends dip in and out of his adventures like they've already established in the movies and say a rival wizard who is some kind of poacher and wants to kill these rare magical creatures for certain body parts to sell them on a wizard black market to make rare potions. Make him like Belloq from Indiana Jones, not necessarily an evil guy but a guy motivated by money. I mean this is the kind of premise that Millennials who grew up with Harry Potter will eat up. You could print money for several years either with films or a tv show or both before audiences started to get bored. And they ruined it all by shoehorning Dumbledore and Grindelwalds convoluted past into it. Each movie has less and less to do with magical creatures (you can even tell by the fact that the title Fantastic Beasts gets smaller on the poster of each movie). Instead we get the same old tired bad guy is literally (wizard) Hitler and needs to be stopped story. It's a fine story but it's just not the story I came for and I think many other people would agree. WB, Yates, JK Rowling, and whoever else decided to do this really ****ed up IMHO. Could have made hundreds of millions if not billions more and instead, sure they'll still make plenty of money, but at the end it's going to leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth for the future. We still have two more of these films to suffer through before we get any satisfying conclusion. The one positive is that Mads Mikkelsen continues to be amazing no matter what role he plays, even evil wizard Hitler.
  6. Just FYI this is a show. Basically every Marvel and Star Wars show on Disney+ has been hot garbage (with the sole exception of Mandalorian).
  7. Halo continues to be a slap in the face of anyone who happens to be a fan. Been watching 24 now on season 5. Probably gonna power through the rest of the series and then switch back to Bosch. Apparently a Bosch spinoff started called Bosch Legacy? No idea if it's any good or not though.
  8. Dolittle movie with RDJ was ok. Watched it last night finally. Not the best movie ever but it was a fun adventure.
  9. Saw a 2021 movie called Infinite the other day with Mark Wahlberg. I was wondering how I could have missed a cool sci fi action movie like this without even having heard of it. After watching it I now know why. It's a really cool idea and Mark Wahlberg is fine but the movie is pretty meh. It's watchable but I'd just skip it unless you have nothing better to do. 3.5/10
  10. I saw that the other day. Pretty solid generic action movie. Easy 6/10. Sonic 2 was good fun too. If you enjoyed the first one the second one is just as good.
  11. Wordle 319 3/6* Heeey I did pretty good today. Was sort of easy though tbf.
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