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  1. Up to your old tricks again huh?
  2. Happy birthday @Verbal, hope you have a good one.
  3. Anyone here have a home bar they built themselves?
  4. Huh, ok thanks maybe I'll give'em a try if I see them while I'm out.
  5. Bought a hard cider variety pack the other day on a whim. Never had hard cider before. It's ok. Very sweet so basically an apple soda with a little alcohol. Probably wont get again but it was fun to try.
  6. I can give you a last minute opinion if you want.
  7. Enjoying a Dark & Stormy for my birthday. 🍹
  8. Just got a bottle of this for myself for my birthday, gonna make some Dark & Stormy tonight.
  9. IIRC It's about $70. Respectable and doesn't break the bank. I thought it was decent.
  10. Leave it to an uncultured primate to not grasp the comforting warmth and security of a human nest.
  11. I don't know. Twice would have been at a buffet brunch.
  12. No but really I just jumped on the bandwagon of a team that wins a lot, I have no loyalty I admit it. It's because I'm not really that into football so it doesn't matter to me. I could just as easily like the Dolphins or the Seahawks or the Lions lol. Or even the Jets if they could win a few games. But most people have a loyalty to a team where they live so it's just weird idk. Did you all used to live in New York or something?
  13. They're Americas team that's why.
  14. So I was out earlier and this place where I was had a tv for watching while you wait and on that tv was a Jets game, from last season I assume. They were playing the Ravens. I believe it was the start of the 3rd quarter and it was 0 to 17 I think? Anyway while I was watching it struck me that they are the NEW YORK Jets. I knew this before but it just kind of hit me at this moment. Don't most of you live somewhere else? Why do you like a New York team?
  15. How do you even know what Angry Beavers is? Isn't your whole persona based around a 3,000 year old cartoon character from Ancient Egypt or something?
  16. My favorite is/was Newcastle Brown Ale but I heard semi recently that it was sold and the formula changed slightly. I haven't tried it since then so I don't know if I still like it or not. I'm pretty content with most common beers though. Budweiser is fine (I really like the bud platinum), Crona Familiar is ok, I like Tecate, Dos Equies, Had Heinken once it was ok I guess, Pabst is fine. 805 is ok too. Haven't had Miller or Guiness. I don't like Coors or Modello. For something different I do like Shock Top but only the first one or two after that the citrus flavor is just too much for me. The Ballast Point brand is ok too I've had a few different ones of that but I don't buy it regularly.
  17. To be fair I've had champagne twice...maybe three times ever. Is there one you like?
  18. Hunts vs Heinz ketchup anyone?
  19. I've tried a few different wines and some were ok although I have no idea who made them. I've never had a champagne I enjoyed. I am...45% sure this is the wine I most enjoyed. It was in a big jug like this anyway.
  20. I don't know jack about wine. Most of it tastes sh*tty imo. Best wine I ever had imho was like $8.
  21. I will definitely be trying this soon.

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