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  1. Wow cool. Do you think we could actually see Jets in the Super Bowl or are they just having a good year not a great year?
  2. There is a little more to it that than like different roles which can be used at Night such as a Town Doctor who can protect players from being killed or a Serial Killer role who isn't Town or Mafia and wants to kill everyone but you kind of just learn that stuff over time. What I told you was the basic gameplay.
  3. It's basically an advanced Guess Who game, here's how it works. There are two teams: Town (good guys) and Mafia (bad guys) The Mafia players all know who their teammates are but there are only a few of them. The Town players only know that they are Town and don't know what anyone else is but there are a lot more of them than Mafia players. The goal of each team is to essentially eliminate the other team. The game is played in two phases: Day and Night During the Day players chat in a game thread and decide together who they think is Mafia. They do this by voting to kill a player (called lynching in the game) and when a player has the majority of votes the game moderator pauses the game and reveals whether that player was Town or Mafia. That player is now dead and out of the game and the game then proceeds to the Night phase. During the Night the Mafia discuss privately which Town player they want to kill. When they've decided they submit their kill to the game moderator who then announces that the player is Town and has been killed by the Mafia. Game then goes back to Day phase and the process repeats. The game continues until either all the Mafia have been lynched or enough Town players have been lynched or killed that they can no longer reach a majority decision to lynch a Mafia player, at which point the moderator would call the game a Mafia victory.
  4. Maybe. If I did I'd wait until the new year though.
  5. Someone should bring it back around and run an Among Us Mafia
  6. Does anyone else think it's kind of funny the world is basically playing a Mafia spin off called Among Us?
  7. Never seen that in the store before but it might be there. I don't usually like IPAs or go looking for them. If I happen to notice it I'll pick it up though just to try.
  8. I made the second recipe in this video: Cheesy Jalapeno chicken with bacon. Turned out perfect.
  9. Depends...who gets to be the donkey?
  10. It will be ok. Here listen to this it's about food sort of.
  11. It came out very sour you can barely taste the lime or sugar from the soda. If I was to make it again I'd back it down to at least half an ounce of lemon juice, maybe even less. Silver lining I can't taste the booze at all so there's that I guess.
  12. So I happened to have a lemon and a lime soda just sitting in the fridge and I figured why not try to make a drink out of it? So I juiced the lemon and started pouring and here's what I came up with. 1.5 oz Gin 1.5 oz Vodka 1.25 oz Lemon Juice Top with lime soda Note: this drink was a failure! Do not make!

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