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  1. Ok, then don't do it lol. Why you being difficult?
  2. Hey Zander, been awhile. Hope you show up for next season lol. Because I'm too lazy to do such a thing and you are now the discord guy.
  3. I was busy. Doing those rereads on everyone wasn't exactly easy. I legitimately put time and thought into not only summarizing each persons play but also what I thought could be any relevant case against them while intentionally going easy (imo) on Crusher and Spoot. I understand how to some it may have looked like I was just rehashing the game but that's not all I was doing.
  4. So basically right when the game ended things got a little hectic for me and I never had time to do the end game stuff until now. So GG to everyone I have no idea how we won let alone how I survived. I'm going to have to guess that either my teammates were amazing and/or town was just not up to par because I usually crash and burn as scum hard. Thank you Barry for modding, other than the guessing game we had to play as scum this game was great and had a great setup. No harm in thinking outside the box but imo it didn't work out this time. No biggie, you should see some of my failures haha. Any
  5. @Barry McCockinner you should see if literally anyone else here uses discord willingly beside you and me and make a JN server if we have enough people.
  6. I appreciate the game but I suspect we played one too many. Only @Smashmouthcould out emo what we got going on this game.
  7. These are the questions I'd like addressed. Tbh I don't think there is an answer besides them being scummates but I'm still willing to listen to what 80 has to say about it.
  8. Have you never heard of bussing? I don't care who's voting with me.
  9. Amazing. You guys are always telling me my policy votes are stupid and don't mean anything etc etc yet when I try to move past an action like self voting and try to focus on other things I'm being roasted for it. Lesson learned and make a note: from now on if someone does something that fits my criteria for a policy lynch I will be voting that player until they are dead. No exceptions.
  10. It's not though! That's not true lol. It's a chronological order of events. "This happened. Then this happened. He said X to guy. I think that was weird. Then he said Y to guy contradicting when he said X. Seems scummy to me." How is that hard to read?
  11. You know it's not that hard to read a paragraph or two right?
  12. Fine next time I wont even bother I'll just vote and if anyone asks why you can all EAD. I mean if that's better for you cool. Less work for me.
  13. I'll Unvote and follow Drums onto Jif, he and 80 are interchangeable as far as I'm concerned. Vote Jif
  14. Unofficial Day 3 Vote Count: crusher (2) - spoot, stark 80 (1) - nolder nolder (1) - jif drums (1) - 80 Jif (1) - Drums With 8 players alive, it takes 5 votes to lynch
  15. Damn looks like you guys are already having a great time! Have a good one man!
  16. Yeah I can see how one might come away with the impression that it's just a summary...if they only read a couple sentences. Anyone who read all of it (kudos to you) can easily see I weave my thoughts inbetween the summary of events. It's easier for me to put down in a post and IMHO easier for others to follow my line of reasoning if they actually want to. Anyone implying or outright saying that I just summarized events as a way hiding my own activity or something is being disngenious at best.
  17. Dude someone already quoted some of it and bolded where I'd given thoughts not summary. I think it was jvill but I don't remember. Regardless you are both wrong and mafia aside it's asanine. Like the posts are right there. Read them. If you were to somehow get me lynched and win the game over a lie about whether my posts had original thoughts or not that would be pretty pathetic on anyone's part who participated in such a farce.
  18. You didn't read any of my posts did you? It's not your vote that hurts the most it's your utter disinterest in my 927463827464637 word essay on each and every player.
  19. ?????? Just a few thoughts then back to sleep with me. First and foremost, mighty convenient calling yourself obviously Town lol. Secondly haven't you rolled scum like a lot for the past several games? And last thing I know numbers are dwindling and hammer is like only 5 votes but I still feel like you're kind of overreacting to only 2 votes. Im not one to criticize emo, if you feeling down you feeling down, dunno what's going on irl or anything like that. Hope it's all good. I can't let this derail me though. Crusher seems convinced you wouldn't act this
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