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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through that last season. We all deserved better.
  2. I think that was just the final nail in the coffin. I think people hadn't been happy about their favorite characters leaving the show since Glen and Abraham. It made the show boring for them because they had less attachments to the characters that were introduced to fill the space. That's definitely part of why I personally stopped watching.
  3. The first couple episodes WERE slow but they were also crucial to setting things up. None of it was wasted time. Like in episode 1 where they established that Rhynera smelled like dragon after riding her dragon. Then a few episodes later Daemon shows up in the Veil (presumably smelling like dragon since he flew there) and spooks the Bronze Bitch's horse by putting his hands up near its nostrils. Slow isn't always bad (re: Breaking Bad).
  4. Yeah 100%. I think maybe the first episode or two he was a bit underwhelming but once you really get a sense for the fact that all he's trying to do is hold the realm together, hold his house together, maybe leave a good legacy as king, etc all while his body is just falling apart and the constant headaches his daughter gives him, his brother gives him, his small council...I think it really took a couple episodes to get his full character at least for me but once it clicked I'd say his performance has been the best in the first half of the season amid other very good performances. One thing I will say, unlike Game of Thrones, is I haven't read the books that are being adapted before hand in this case so I have no idea what's coming next except for in the broadest sense. I have heard the show is doing a better job at telling this story than the books did though from pretty much everyone who has read them so that's cool.
  5. The seasonal masochism is growing on me, I'll admit.
  6. Wow really? Yeah basically what you said. I'd hate to have a reverse Dexter here.
  7. Wait....what? When did the Jets get Flacco?? How did they beat the Browns??? WTF
  8. I know I'm waaaay late on this but I watched Queens Gambit the other day. I had been avoiding it because someone told me I probably wouldn't like it but wouldn't you know it I put it on randomly and watched the whole thing. Thought it was great. I think the main reason I allowed myself to be talked out of watching it was I thought it would just be a really hacky "IM A WOMAN AND I CAN PLAY CHESS BETTER THAN ANY MAN" type of show and while the show didn't shy away from sexism in the "chess world" (it was the 50s-60s after all) they didn't make it THE FOCUS and the main character barely cares she just loves chess. Very good series highly recommend.
  9. I liked the movie but it also made me realize I kind of hate Elvis with the exception of like 2 or 3 songs. Not the guy I just mean the music.
  10. Cool video, simple but I liked it more than a lot of flashy stuff you see these days. Also liked the song too. Is this gonna be a semi regular thing for her?
  11. I've seen random episodes and a couple of the movies. It's alright. It's much more light hearted than most of the things I usually watch. Definitely a good show.
  12. I wish they'd make a movie. Psych has had three!
  13. No but in all seriousness I won't even hate watch Rings of Power unlike say Wheel of Time or Shannara Chronicles. It's not just that the show is bad and likely will continue to be bad but it's also that the people making this show seem to have gone out of their way to sh*t on Tolkiens legacy. I'm just glad Christopher Tolkien wasn't alive to see what they did to his dads work although I suspect that was part of the plan all along because Christopher was very protective of the rights.
  14. Actually been enjoying House of the Dragon. Reminds me of GOT when it was good.
  15. Damn... Jets can't catch a break huh?
  16. Better to be home than a hospital. Very sorry to hear. Just spend as much time as you can while he's still here. Remind him of good times.
  17. I have a concept for a silly game I've been thinking of. It's really just The Avengers but with dumb parody names because I'm dumb and it makes me laugh. Like Bulk instead of Hulk etc etc etc. Maybe I'll run it after football season is over?
  18. Yeah I definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  19. I mean, I'm sure I could use a VPN and make a new account if I really wanted to? Honest truth is I was ready to move on. We've talked about this in the past but I disliked a lot of people there and most of the people I do like like you or Dice or Zander at least occasionally play here anyway. Plus I argued a lot so it was just not a great environment to be around all the time. I don't miss DM.
  20. Oh I was thinking about watching that actually. Are all the episodes out or are they being released once a week?
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