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  1. The thing that worries me about fitz.. He's had a decent season before in buffalo and got a nice contract and didn't play nearly as well the following year. Granted, different team and different players, I certainly wouldn't overpay to get him back. He had a great year, no denying that, but can he replicate that? He doesn't throw the long ball to well either. What do you do? Go after Bradford? Sign fitz? Look for a QB in draft? Not an easy decision..
  2. I like bombs..to bad we don't call them on 2nd and 3rd down every drive..
  3. Looks like fitz had a decent year... There isn't a surplus of brady's and mannings if you haven't noticed..
  4. RK PLAYER TEAM COMP ATT PCT YDS YDS/A LONG TD INT SACK RATE YDS/G 1 Tom Brady, QB NE 390 603 64.7 4,636 7.69 76 36 7 36 103.1 309 2 Philip Rivers, QB SD 416 626 66.5 4,564 7.29 70 27 12 37 94.2 304 3 Drew Brees, QB NO 396 585 67.7 4,547 7.77 80 31 11 31 100.7 325 4 Carson Palmer, QB ARI 330 512 64.5 4,542 8.87 68 34 10 25 106.8 303 5 Matt Ryan, QB ATL 383 578 66.3 4,257 7.37 70 19 15 29 88.1 284 6 Blake Bortles, QB JAX 338 574 58.9 4,189 7.30 90 35 16 43 90.3 279 7 Eli Manning, QB NYG 363 575 63.1 4,134 7.19 87 33 14 25 93.6 276 8 Kirk Cousins, QB WSH 367 528 69.5 3,990
  5. Gotta agree here, yes he had a bad game, but plenty of dudes dropping catchable balls certainly hurt the team as well. He had an overall good season, far better than any other Jets QB in recent memory. Overall the team had a great year, they lost because of drops and turnovers today. Just a bad game...
  6. Cmon serious? Jet's beat themselves... Dropped passes and a couple of picks, unless you have Brady at QB, many teams won't win playing like that.. When they play a good game they are tough to beat, today just wasn't there day..
  7. Sadly I agree, I don't get it, playing so conservative unless the game is on the line and they lead by 1 score..That's playing to lose..Of the jags were a half way decent team this woulda been another loss.
  8. Dont get it.. vanilla play calling within 2 minutes giving the ball back to jags and they score a TD. If this was BB, they would be trying to strike for a TD and not trying to drain the clock out..I don't get the play calling of the jets..
  9. Jets should try to get Drew Brees.. Go big or go home.. Don't want anymore backup scrubs..
  10. Yep and the Jets shoulda scored TD's when they kicked 2 FG's.. Both team made mistakes and things happen during the game, otherwise I should say the Pats only won because our punter sucked, ivory was playing injured and pryor was taken out the game... CMONNNN man..
  11. Quite a few dudes got hurt...any word?
  12. Obviously fitz is not a tom brady or an aaron rodgers.. But he played well enough to win today. Could the game play out different if the jets had there punter, and if fitz never fumbled and the jets stopped them on 3rd and 17? lots of if's. Fitz is not the long term answer, but he hasn't been a liability (Sanchez days) and right now thats good enough to win.
  13. and if marshal didn't drop that TD pass? and if pats did not convert on 3rd and 17?? Could go on about what if's all day..Pats made a few more plays when it counted.. nothing more..
  14. Pats made a few plays when it counted most..Game could have gone either way.. Some of you dudes need to get a grip..
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