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  1. Freemanm

    If week 17 is Darnold vs Brady...

    Hey, I'm just happy the Patriots lost and are now the #3 seed. The only joy us Jets fans get in January is rooting against the Cheaters. Stop bringing me down.
  2. Freemanm

    If week 17 is Darnold vs Brady...

    Steelers 17 Patriots 10 it will be. The Patriots will come out swinging in that one. The team's showing cracks
  3. Freemanm


    What? Darnold has already shown that he's better than Suckchez/McClown/Fitztragic and Genius Smith (and throw Smackenberg in there as well) combined. Ok, not saying much
  4. Kinda says it all. He’s glass
  5. Freemanm

    week 15 spreads

    I have to make a prime rib roast for my x-mas eve family dinner. Anyone have any spice rub recipe suggestions?
  6. Freemanm

    Will Mike Maccagnan Hire Next Head Coach?

    I never want to see Bowles' "Here's 10 free yards" defense again, except when we're playing against it...
  7. Tired of talking about the damn future. Last nights game showed us we need an OLman, #1 WR and CB (sorry, I know Hopkins is good but he made Tru Johnson look like the jackass that he is last night), plus a new, competent coaching staff. I never want to see Bowles’ “here’s 10 free yards” defense again, except for when we’re playing against it. i expect playoffs next year
  8. Freemanm

    Belichick to the Jets?

    He embarrassed Woody. It would never happen.
  9. Hate to say this but I’m happy with this loss. Team played well and Darnold showed he is a franchise QB. Now all they need is a new coaching staff and OLine
  10. Sorry, but you don’t miss two xtra pts. In a row. You miss maybe one xtra pt in a season, and even that’s bad.
  11. At least we know we need a new kicker. Seriously, did Myers bet on the game?
  12. Darnold was incredibly impressive on that final drive. Too bad he has no O-line or even a kicker to score the xtra pt
  13. We don't eat from the concessions. That's what tailgating is for. I just like the full serve bars that serves the hard stuff when the Jets are losing
  14. Freemanm

    If Mac got his way

    Stephen Smith is always entertaining. The fact is that Cousins has not been the elite QB that he's being paid to be.
  15. I totally disagree. Darnold has shown that he can lead game-winning drives, and that he can throw the deep ball and create plays under pressure. I think Allen is more of a one-trick pony. Next season teams will figure out how to deal with his running the football, just like they did with Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, etc. Allen still aims the ball when he throws.

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