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  1. Freemanm

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    There's a section for tailgating that we'll be in, although only two of us actually have tickets to the game. The other three will be tailgating. Not sure where the tailgating section is since I've been there before, but we'll have the traditional J-E-T-S sign above the RV.
  2. 1 No, 2 yes, and 3 I don’t think even Todd Bowles has a full grasp of the offense. Now that I’ve come down from the excitement of watching Darnold play, I think Bridge should be the starter and Sam can learn from the sidelines for a few games, at least
  3. If Ramsey can't handle the media in Jacksonville, how could be possibly handle the media in NY? You honestly don't think he'd be more of a distraction than anything here? Fowler's talented, just like Wilk, but a cancer in the locker room. Pass on both
  4. Yeah, I'm kind of torn by this, as an argument can be made either way for Darnold to start. On one hand, he looked awesome in his first pre-season action, although he was playing against Atlanta's B team. But Darnold also was playing with our scrubs and made everyone on the offense look better, so I can only imagine what he'd do with the starters. On the other hand, our offensive line still looks pretty weak, and Bridgewater, at least for right now, looks like a starter. I don't buy into the notion that a rookie QB can't learn as a back up. I don't want Darnold getting killed, and I don't want the rookie mistakes that he'll eventually make to threaten his confidence or his career. The same mistake was made with Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. Look what happened with DeShone Kizer, who I still think has the potential to be a very good QB if given the right time to develop
  5. Freemanm

    Jets \ Lions anyone going?

    Im actually going. Friends and I chipped in for a luxury RV rental. We’re leaving Sunday morning, camping out Sunday night and arriving to the stadium Monday afternoon.
  6. Freemanm

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    On top that, I really don’t think Paxton Lynch has been given much of a chance. He played in two games last year and his numbers weren’t that terrible. He’s getting booed off the field by fans who are demanding that he become Peyton Manning after one season.
  7. Freemanm

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Who cares about his price tag? What if Darnold gets Injured? Id much rather have him stepping in than some 50 year old journeyman. The Jets have him, they should keep him unless some team offers a #1 pick for him.
  8. Freemanm

    What do you all think of...

    On a long pass play like that in the NFL, you always run a sideline route, unless it’s a misdirectional play, which that wasn’t. It looked like Cannon thought he was playing backyard scrimmage by slanting to the middle of the field on a play like that. Throwing a long pass to that spot where the safety is usually waiting is too big of a risk to take in the NFL.
  9. Trenton Cannon and Charles Johnson? I saw some flashes from both, especially Johnson. I know Cannon isn’t a wr, but he badly missed on a bomb thrown to him by Darnold near the end of the second half (one that, IMO, Robby Anderson would have caught for a big gain). Still, the guy has some speed. He also muffed a KO - think he only makes the team on STs, so he needs to get that right
  10. I’d love to keep Bridgewater as he’s definitely a starter. If the Jets do trade him it should be for nothing less that a first rounder. I don’t want to make the mistake that the Pats made with Jimmy G. Otherwise, find a way to keep him.
  11. Mayfield looked awesome, I have to admit. The Browns should definitely improve from 0-16 this year.
  12. Glad we chose him over Elflien, especially when our O-line is such crap. That draft decision was as bad as spending a second rd pick on Hackenberg
  13. I don't understand why Darnold is still in there. Put Teddy in so he can raise his own stock a bit more. As well as Macc did in getting Darnold, he did equally poorly in improving or adding depth to the O-line
  14. Admit fully admit the error of my ways now. But I'd like to point out that Bridgewater looked just as impressive, so it's gonna be interesting to see what unfolds. Plus I don't even want to see Darnold on the field anymore because I'm afraid the football gods will try to screw us and he gets injured.
  15. Is it too early to say that, as a Jets fan, I haven't been this happy since the Jets upset the Patriots in the playoffs in 2010? Yes, I know it's the first PS game and Darnold is playing against mostly second stringers, but he's looked every bit the franchise QB that we all hoped for when he was drafted. Strong accurate throws, good reads, good movement in the pocket, good game management. Im grinning from ear to ear right now.