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  1. Yes but will Bell play like that with guaranteed money, or will he become another Wilkerson or Revis? That's my worry.
  2. I hope Trumaine Johnson is getting this message.
  3. Not a suprise. It's too bad Cousins isn't worth that money. If anyone, he's the one who should be volunteering a pay cut. Happy we didn't land him.
  4. I think CJ saw that Gase was unhappy with Macc and realized one of them had to go. Hopefully, when Macc's replacement is hired, we'll have a GM and HC on the same page about what a championship caliber team should look like. Gase might have been upset that we drafter yet ANOTHER DLman in the first round. Yes, everyone is saying Quinen Williams was the best player in the draft. You know what? THey said the same thing about Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, etc. Gase might have been upset with the Bell signing. Don't get me wrong, I will be rooting like hell for Bell to have an oustanding year, but the risk is that Bell becomes an expensive headache who only plays half-ass because he knows he's got alot of guaranteed money - just like Muhammed Wilkerson, Trumaine Johnson, Darrelle Revis, etc. etc etc. The risk is the same with CJ Mosely.
  5. Firing Macc when he did was about as competent as Leon Hess firing Pete Carroll and replacing him with Rich Kotite. Why would you fire the guy after the draft and after the spending spree? It makes no sense. He should have been fired a season ago along with Toilet Bowles
  6. Firing Macc now really shows a level of incompetency on the part of Chris Johnson that can only be matched by Leon Hess in 1994, when he fired Pete Carroll and hired Rich Kotite to replace him. As for Gase, I can't really judge him until I see how the team plays next season. Macc was only a few weeks removed from a bunch of positive signings and the $200M spending spree. Why would you let Macc do that and the draft and then fire him a few weeks later? It's a joke and Christopher Johnson is now the laughing stock of the league. Seriously, I wonder what happened behind the scenes regarding his firing and how much Gase had to do with it. This is going to affect who applies to replace Macc.
  7. Good for Geno. The Jets overachieved in his rookie year by a lot, actually. Think about it: by every measurable standard, they should have been 2-14 or worse that season. They finished 8-8, beat the Saints, the Falcons and knocked the Fins out of the playoffs that year, all with a second-round rookie QB and some dudes named Salas and Nelson as the 1-2 WRs.
  8. You forgot about the terrible scheming of Kacy Rodgers. The fact that he would have players playing 10yds or more off of receivers on every play didn't help matters much last season
  9. I just bought season tickets through the secondary market. Way to make me have buyer's remorse!
  10. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2019/04/29/jets-veterans-who-could-lose-jobs-to-rookies-2019-nfl-draft/ Of all these I think Copeland, Brandon Shell and McLendon are the most likely. I watched tape of Polite and think he's a beast who's going to be really good. Had a bad combine because of injury, and would have gone in the first round otherwise. I think he's a steal.
  11. Not really encouraging when the first thing the announcer says after the pick is that Polite, "to put it politely, had a disastrous combine..." then again, I don't really follow college football so hopefully I'm wrong
  12. Why wouldn’t they just keep Rosen then instead of drafting the elf? What makes them think the elf will turn out better results, given how bad the team is right now? Very perplexing
  13. Always the Jets https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/1982-2nd-round-playoff-game-vs-raiders-2437508
  14. Was Rosen ever that good? I didn't follow his college career but thought he showed some flashes in his rookie year. Did he just get crushed in his rookie year playing for a bad team, and is there any hope of him being good?
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