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  1. He's seen us selecting someone different in about 10 mock drafts now. How is he credible?
  2. LB David Harris Retires from the NFL

    Thanks for 10 great years with the Jets, and best of luck in retirement. I would say that I'm sorry you didn't end up with a ring, but I'm sure you understand how deep the hatred of the Patriots runs among us fans.
  3. Let me guess the price: $15m per year of ownership for four years, fully guaranteed
  4. Colin Cowherd: Cousins should avoid Jets

    He's leaving out the fact that when Fabre got here, his intent was to play only one season with us. He wanted to go to the Vikings all along and played here for a year to keep his consecutive starts streak going
  5. He will go with the best offer. I can understand Peyton Manning wanting to go to a team that has a shot at winning, but Cousins will go to where the guaranteed $$$ is.
  6. I'd be willing to either guarantee two seasons or guarantee three provided that he's not a bust after the first season.
  7. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    I just don't want to see another Neil O'Donnel (who admittedly sucked before he got a huge contract from us) or Boomer Esiason situation
  8. Before there was Curtis Martin, there was Freeman McNeil. Too bad about his injuries, he would have been one of the all time great backs. Wesley Walker I think is one of the all time great Jets WRs. I don't care what anybody says, the guy made some amazing catches (he had to, considering that Richard Todd was the one throwing him the ball).
  9. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    Good, that makes me feel better
  10. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    One of the big questions is: if Cousins is given a monster contract, can he handle the expectations? Don't tell me that none of you will be calling for his head if he comes in here and the Jets have another 7-9 or 6-10 season - even if he plays well. He played generally well for the Redskins, but they have wallowed in mediocrity for the entire time he's started for them. What will be different about the Jets?
  11. Is it just my imagination or should Juston Burris be given more of a shot at starting? I know he was kind of inconsistent but I thought he showed some really good flashes of talent the past two seasons in the little playing time that Kacy moron Rodgers gave him?
  12. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    I hope you're not arguing to bring Rex back. I think he played hard for Rex only because he was trying to negotiate a long-term deal. Nothing more. now, with all his money Mo can spend his days with senior citizens at the Golden Corral buffet. Bye Mo
  13. The Colts are definitely trading down, and despite all the Giants talk about selecting a QB, I think they're saying that just to get a QB-hungry team to trade down with them. So therefore, we're probably going to end up with Josh Allen unless we're somehow able to sign Kirk Cousins.
  14. Say the Brown's sign Cousins

    The Browns? That's the one team that I guess we can make fun of. It's where good players go to commit career suicide - even more so than the Jets
  15. Despite the myriad of options at QB, Macc will probably decide to sign Jay Cutler