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  1. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    I don't know, in recent years we haven't done badly. Darron Lee is playing like he was picked late first round. Not worthy of being picked in the top 5 certainly pick but still a good player nonetheless less. JAmal Adams is an excellent safety, and Maye is a good player as well, my only problem was going safety in the first two rounds - didn't make much sense with all the holes we had to fill. Besides the obvious - being Hackenburg, I think Macc's worst pick was Leo Williams. Don't get me wrong, Williams is a very solid player not worth a sixth round pick. It's especially painful given that Vic Beasley was picked right after him
  2. Cimini has Jets finishing 7-9

    Depends on how well the rookie QB does, and it depends especially how well Crowell does in the running game
  3. First overall pick is...

    Don't know about Rosen at 4, but in the unlikely event the Browns don't take Darnold at 1, the Giants are probably going to take him at 2.
  4. Shouldn't the NFL have a b-league, you know, kind of like minor leagues where practice squads or free agents who aren't being picked up can play? It would help develop young talent. It seems like rookies are asked to contribute more now than in any other era. I think players like DeShone Kizer has tremendous potential, but starting from day one on the Browns has basically ruined his career. I guess the only thing that would prevent that is a league like that wouldn't make a lot of money
  5. We pick third, so whoever ends up at 5 would be truly meaningless to us. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they swung a trade with the Bills, but I don't see how Buffalo would want to do that since the top 4 QBs are probably going to be gone at #5.
  6. I highly doubt it. If that's true, then 1) the Giants brass is truly petty, and 2) do you think they're willing to sacrifice a piece of their future by wasting the #2 pick just to spite us? That would seem pretty foolish
  7. Draft hasn't happened yet. There's a chance that Darnold could still be on the board, and an even likelier chance that Rosen will be there as well, as I don't think the Giants (barring a draft day trade down) will take a QB
  8. Let's just try our best to keep ourselves entertained until then...
  9. Here's some more entertainment as we wait during this excruciating period before the draft:
  10. Neither does Todd Bowles, which greatly worries me since we're going to draft a QB with the third pick