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  1. I'd say we should bring back Eric Mangini but I doubt he'd want to come back after the screw job Woody pulled on him
  2. Earlier this season, Woody's brother Chris said that Bowles and Macc won't be judged this year on wins and losses, rather, on whether the team is getting better (quotes below). The question still stands. Has this team gotten better since the beginning of the season? Has any one made significant enough progress so that we can look at Bowles and say, "Wow, we might have only won five games, but the team definitely progressed under him." Can we say that, or is it safe to say that, despite legitimate progression by certain players, Bowles has to go? On if he will judge Bowles on wins and losses this season… No. Believe me, like any fan I like wins a lot more than losses, but that’s only part of the equation. The real way to judge this team and the people on it, me included, are we getting better? On if he could foresee a situation where the team loses a lot of games and Bowles retains his job… It’s not going to come down to games. It really won’t. It’s more about the play on the field. Are we getting better? Believe me, losses hurt deeply. I like wins a lot more, but it’s not going to be the sole or even a really important way for me to judge Todd or Mike.
  3. I agree - even Rich Kotite would still give the appearance that his team was trying. As much as I hate it, Bowles will be back next season, though. Simply disgraceful. Chris and Woody Johnson need to get a clue.
  4. Marrone

    Not gritty enough to beat us though
  5. Here's the most realistic scenario: Joe Namath comes out of retirement to start at QB; the Jets win their final four and squeak in, and then win the Superbowl. Then I wake up. Listen, while there have been times the Jets were fun to watch this year, they're not making the playoffs, nor should we want them to. They need a long-term QB, and the only way to do that is through the draft (it is extremely unlikely that they sign Cousins).
  6. Watch Macc cut him and take a DE in the first round.
  7. Even if we could secure Cousins it wouldn't be worth it. We should use that pick to shore up our weaka$$ offensive line. With Enunwa coming back next year, hopefully in good shape, we should be okay at receiver.
  8. Whatever it takes. IMO we are that desperate for a long-term solution under center
  9. I wouldn't mind if we drafter Josh Allen and McCown sat on the bench with the clipboard and gave him advice. I just don't want McCown starting
  10. Yes, it would be, especially since we need a long-term answer at QB. If need be I would give up our first and one of our second picks (and maybe #1 next year) for the first overall pick so that we can select Allen, Rosen or Darnold.
  11. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    Reese got fired for not shoring up the offensive line. So why is Macc still here?
  12. McAdoo & Reese Fired

    It's gotta be Eli, but I hope not. If we end up with a low round pick, I wouldn't mind the Jets signing Eli as a placeholder.
  13. Why I'm disappointed

    You forgot to mention the true star of today's game:
  14. Dear Marcus Peters, thank you for being the dumbass that you are. Although today's game probably hurt us in our draft position and you're probably going to get suspended by both the NFL and your own team, you at least kept us entertained today.
  15. Christmas came early for the Jets on that one...