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  1. Freemanm

    Wesley Walker ~ ~ ~    

    Thanks for the correction. Memory is still the same
  2. https://apple.news/ASBX5huwTThijxKHXhXmrig it would cost the league minimum
  3. Freemanm

    Wesley Walker ~ ~ ~    

    Walker’s late 4q catch of a Richard Todd bomb in the division round vs the Raiders in 1981 was the reason I became a Jets fan. That catch was the greatest thing I’d ever seen in my six year old life at the time.
  4. Freemanm

    Mike Pennel Released

    Great, more cap room! We've had a lot of cap room since Idzik was in charge! What's Macc going to do with it?
  5. Freemanm

    Aaron Glenn Possibly becoming a DC

    Good for him. I honestly think he was more consistent and dependable for more seasons than Revis.
  6. Creating cap space is one thing. Macc is an expert at doing that. Knowing what to do with cap space is a very different story, as Macc has demonstrated time and again. For example, releasing Spencer Long when you're O-line already sucks to save cap space is kind of a mystery. But congrats Macc, you freed up cap space by doing so. Can you do something at all with that cap space? You know, such as improving the team? You haven't shown that you know how to do that, yet.
  7. I agree with the Bowles part, but Suckenberg really was that bad
  8. Freemanm

    Jets sign G Jordan Morgan

    Is this something to be excited about?
  9. Not much right now. As a long-time Jets fan, I feel like I've been ripped off over the last four years. I can't even remember the last time I watched the Jets play a meaningful game in the second half of November onwards. There's so much the Jets need right now (that Macc has failed to provide in the last four drafts) that I'm just not sure right now. Talk to me after the draft.
  10. We've had cap space forever. It honestly could care less about cap space until Macc shows he's competent enough to use it tohelp make the team a contender. You consider 2009-2010. The Jets actually signed veteran free agents in an intelligent way. Jenkins, Tomlinson, etc. I don't see Macc doing that at all.
  11. Freemanm


    Did Jeremy Bates suddenly become the OC for the Rams????
  12. This has gotta be smoke. No team in their right mind would trade up for a QB that has less than a 60% completion rate in college (then again, Macc spent a second rounder on Hackenberg, so who knows)?
  13. I'd be happy with just one for now
  14. I never said Macc didn't make bad draft choices. I do think there were some players, however, that could have been developed more by a competent coaching staff.
  15. I'm tired of creating cap space. That's easy to do. We've had all the ******* cap space in the world for three seasons now. The question is, when does the cap space translate into more talent, and when does that talent translate into wins????

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