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  1. The Jets finished three games better than last season, which, in the big picture, is progress. Now let’s see what JD can do
  2. Jets are going to lose this one. It would be too Jetsy not to.
  3. I expect the Jets to lose this one, I’m afraid. It would be the Jetsy thing to do
  4. Basically, the Jets were flagged for an illegal pick in the end zone. When the Jets played the Cowboys, the Cowboys were called for the same thing and had a TD taken away from them in that game, if you recall.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/jets/2019/11/whats-wrong-with-jets-quinnen-williams-for-starters-hes-been-handicapped-by-gregg-williams-defense.html%3foutputType=amp
  6. I am the greatest predictor of Jets games of all time and I say the Jets will beat the Raiders
  7. Or is a safety not worth the money? https://nypost.com/2019/11/18/the-historic-offer-that-could-keep-jamal-adams-at-center-of-jets-future/
  8. Didn’t someone start a thread about the worst FA signing in team history?
  9. The guy who shoulders most of the blame here is Mike Maccagnan. Unfortunately, he can’t be fired twice. His philosophy was that a team can somehow succeed with a patchwork offensive line, and to draft DLmen with every first pick, save for Darnold. Gase isn’t a great HC, but the fact is years of piss poor drafting and injuries have left him very little to work with.
  10. Maccagnan’s philosophy was that your team can be successful with a patchwork offensive line. JD knows that the line is the foundation of the offense. Give JD two seasons to fix this.
  11. I’m discovering that when you root against both teams, you’re always going to be happy!
  12. Part of this is on Darnold. He’s starting to enter Geno Smith territory with the wtf-type interceptions. Darnold has to learn that he’s not in college anymore. If Gase has any balls he would’ve screamed in Darnold’s Face for that int, the way Parcells screamed at Bledsoe in his rookie year
  13. Everybody has to be playing for their jobs these next nine games...the team is that bad. Darnold has to stop with the careless interceptions, or he might be in the broadcast booth early, like Mark Sanchez
  14. Darnold is still a very good QB, but he's developed bad habits (such as throwing off of his back foot too often) and throws way too many bad INTs. He's not in Sanchez territory yet, but Gase better do something to improve his bad habits. NOt having an Oline and having a free rusher in his face all the time doesn't help matters.
  15. We should make Mac the GM just so we can fire him again for his negligence of the O line
  16. I don’t think I can watch the Jets until Darnold gets back.
  17. This game is unwatchable. Hopefully Darnold comes back soon.
  18. Ugh. This team is painfully awful to watch without Darnold. To be honest, the offense looked like crap against Buffalo when everyone was healthy.
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