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-1 Off To A Bad Start
  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/01/jets-cant-wait-to-cut-bart-scott/
  2. We are losing Scott,Holmes,Leonard via injury,burress,smith,bryan thomas,poucha,.
  3. It is becomming obvious when you cut the voice of the defense in scott,the team is rebuilding.Holmes the best offense player quit.Enough said,we are in hell pretty much.
  4. The good news is look at the detroit lions,if a team go from 0 - 16 to playoffs in 2 years,a ny team can rebuild fast.
  5. Post in this what you think we should do to improve the squad,not bs.
  6. That and they have a qb that can deliver down the field and people are scared of.
  7. Look at the Giants.Osi,Tuck,Jpp,Kivanuka,Tollefson,Canty,= 6 people that can flat our rush the qb.We have maybe 1 in pace who is slow.
  8. Broncos don't have a qb,but they have some edge rushers.
  9. We don't have a top qb and we don't have a pass rush at all.I think that is all that needs to be said.We are not even close in eighter area so we can't win.We need to improve.
  10. Mercilus,if Richardson is on the board take him.
  11. If the captain quit,the team quit in the lockeroom.
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