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    Beating the Patriots in the 2010 divisional playoffs
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    A lot but the biggest was the 2010 AFC championship loss to the Steelers

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  1. Sounds like he had some issues with some of the linemen. He called former OT Denzelle Good a failure while Good was missing time due to his brother’s death. IBeDG_71
  2. Beaver

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    A media article bout the media.
  3. Ha! I changed it to Yosemite once I jumped on the Sam bandwagon.
  4. Can someone explain why Vance Joseph is considered a Good DC? As far as I can tell, he has only been DC for 1 year and it wasn't great.
  5. Ok woke up this morning after being pissed off last night. Still pissed off. But hey, I can look forward to in 3 years Macaggnan and Gase will be gone and the cycle of suck will continue. I really hope Gase proves me wrong, but I just can't get behind this decision.
  6. WHY the fack dp you guys still pay attention to that guy? Yet I do not see one person who likes Manish
  7. Mike Leach did recruit better, but it was still not great overall nationally. Besides Mike Leach is a wizard, pirate, and national treasure.
  8. Very True. I don't know if he will be a good HC or not, but no one can recruit to Lubbock, TX
  9. No one. You hire an Offensive coach to help Darnold and then in 4-5 years when the Jets are averaging .500 with maybe a couple of playoff appearances, you fire the coach. Then we can bring back a Defensive coach since there is no talent on that side of the ball and the cycle continues.
  10. I was on the fence about McCarthy, but when opening this site and seeing this news (real or not), I felt relief. So at least I know my true feelings on him now. Oh if you're looking for any analysis, I got nothing.
  11. Beaver

    Manish Mehta- Unedited

    For as much as this guy is hated, why are his articles and tweets always getting posted on this site. There are 6 or 7 other journalists you can get the same information from. I just don't get it. Or is this like Francesa, where you hate him but keep following him to see what he will say next?
  12. Beaver

    Vig Fangio

    He may turn out to be good, but I would take a pass just because he does not have any HC experience.

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