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    Jets fan but never lived in NY

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    Beating the Patriots in the 2010 divisional playoffs
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    A lot but the biggest was the 2010 AFC championship loss to the Steelers

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  1. What new turf are they putting in? Going to grass?
  2. Damn You. I really don't have a lot of time but **** It. I"m in, but know my time will be limited. redeeming myself?
  3. @jgb the only thing that maybe me change my mind about you before last night was when I was looking back at ape and you mentioned something to him about if I didn’t turn up town from a lynch you would buy him a bunch of bananas 🤣.
  4. I did the same thing. I was real confident on ape day 2 but I was scared of a mislynch. Night 1 freaked me out with 2 townies dying.
  5. Nah…I suck so bad at this game best play for town is to kill me quickly. I don’t know why but I do play scummy as town.
  6. Lol….nice play scum…….Hal I should have listened to you but the only traction I was getting from my discussions were with scum. Ape was my number one pick but I kept getting talked out of it. My big tell was when he said he visited Pac at night. Nyn I suspected as town so I was trying to follow her reads. Night 2 I originally was going to look at Pac but changed it to Jgb. He seemed too clean but I wasn’t completely sure. Once he came back as no result I figured he was scum but when ape said he visited Jgb I knew ape was scum. crusher I had no clue on. I thought it was Pac laying low, ape, and finally Jgb. But my play is horrible and I knew I had no way to convince anyone. Hal was right in that I should have stuck to my guns. great set Jville. I wish I could have spent more time on it but I have been real bust….. and yeah posting from a phone sucks my will to live. smartest thing scum did was keep me alive.
  7. Arsis used what thing on Pac? Arsis said he gave your name during day 2 and got nothing back.
  8. Really I think there is a role blocker on scum since my results came up as "no result" last night. Pretty easy to do since I am not hiding anything now.
  9. I would probably play better if I was drinking. Whom do you suggest is scum? Yes I am pretty sure Ape is scum
  10. ya know what, just for sh*ts and giggles. Pac has done nothing. Unvote Vote Pac
  11. yes I have a pretty good idea of my role. And you are scum
  12. One player showed up as "positive" on night `1 and a different player showed up as "no result" last night
  13. A player still alive showed up as “no result”
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