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  1. Gene is about to put me to sleep if he keeps talking
  2. Sorry, late response. I should have been more clear. At the beginning of the season, why even bring Falk in if you knew he sucked. Rather take a chance on an unknown for a third QB.
  3. Falk sucks. O-Line sucks. Lets just say I picked up the Eagles defense for Fantasy this week.
  4. I think you are spot on about the culture and them needing to fumigate the Jets. My issue with Gase is he wants to win now supposedly. That was the given reason for why he was fired in Miami. But his play calling with Falk looks like he himself has given up. Now I understand that Falk sucks ass, and the O-line can't give him time to throw anyway. However, Falk was Gases hand-picked guy to come in because he knew the offense. If you knew he sucked ass already, why even bring him in, but rather take a chance on some other unknown guy who would also suck ass? But atleast there might be the chance you have something to work with. I didn't like the hire with Gase. I didn't want McCarthy either. I am still in wait and see mode with Gase and hoping he is the right guy.
  5. I'm more cautious with this. I don't trust the coaching staff to look into SAM's best interest long term (And the Jets best interest long term). The team looks like complete crap. Gase knows Darnold is his only hope. This is the Jets. If there is a way to screw this up, they will. And where have I heard of a player being cleared to play and then ruined? Oh yeah: Week 14, Griffin hurt his right knee on a hit by Haloti Ngata: With the team down eight points and driving, he tried to keep playing after missing only one play. In a postgame presser, Mike Shanahan said Griffin was given the A-OK by team doctor James Andrews: In January, Andrews revealed that conversation never happened: Griffin re-entered and played four downs, clearly hobbled. He eventually hopped off the field, giving way for Kirk Cousins, who threw for a touchdown and got a two-point conversion. Washington wins in OT. The injury was revealed to be a mild LCL sprain. Griffin missed Week 15, but is back for Week 16. Griffin was cleared to play in Washington's playoff game against Seattle, albeit wearing a knee brace that causes him to limp slightly. The knee bothered him from the get-go, and he heads back to the locker room after a few big hits from the Seahawks. Griffin vehemently argued that he should be allowed to return to the game, and Shanahan let him. It was evident that this was a very bad idea from the get-go: Griffin was clearly limping and his mobility was restricted, as he got hit on plays where he normally would've escaped. Then, on a botched snap in the fourth quarter, his knee buckled:
  6. I expect to see the Jets still suck and nothing has really changed from the last game. O-Line will still suck. Falk will still throw ducks when he isn't sacked. Bell will be run into the ground and go no where. The defense will get shredded in the Air and on every third down.
  7. I like the ruling and look forward to other states adopting this and the NCAA scam getting screwed. I am all for the players getting paid what they can. The only difference this will make is you will see which players are getting paid and which are not. They are already getting paid now, so nothing will really change, but transparency.
  8. Most football players are on it. I think the most damning case is the Size difference between Gronk playing and retired.
  9. It does matter. When the offense keeps going three and out and can’t stay on the field, the defense will get tired. Bottom line is this, the worst part of the offense is the o-line and they aren’t just getting beat. They are letting people run free at the QB with just 4 rushers. That is a problem that hasn’t been fixed and is not missing people to an injury. i really hope the Jets can turn things around, but there is nothing in Gases’ history that says he will be a good coach. This is the same as when Mangini was fired and went right to the Browns. And when Rex went straight to Buffalo. I have been wrong plenty of times before, and hope I am wrong again.
  10. The defense scored just as many points as the offense and got 4 turnovers. But yeah let’s blame the defense.

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