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    Jets fan but never lived in NY

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    Beating the Patriots in the 2010 divisional playoffs
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    A lot but the biggest was the 2010 AFC championship loss to the Steelers

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  1. That's my guess. On both 4th down attempts, the LDE came right at Darnold and he had to rush things.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks of ray finkle from ace venture when I hear his name?
  3. I saw most of the video on nfl network today on it. Looks like a fluff piece to keep His name in the game. Problem is he is still just showing Aaron Rodgers improved mechanics and favorite plays from AR first year and when he was the coach
  4. I’m conflicted this Sunday with the Ravens playing the 49ers the same time as the jets game.
  5. Dowell Loggains tempted the Review Gods last week when he challenged a call and it was actually overturned. That can't happen in the NFL without repercussions. Payment came due.
  6. Defense still needs CB's and a pass rush as others have stated. But OL still have to be top priority.
  7. Props to you for showing up after the game to take the pain. Raiders are still on the up and up.

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