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  1. rumor is about 10 million. Kid that went to Tennessee got 8 million
  2. He was the one beat reporter last year that kept saying Zach was holding the ball too long during training camp and took a lot of heat for it. Turns out he was right. It was tough to keep up with his slang. I learned that "cap" means lie. Still doesn't make sense to me, but whatever. I thought he had very neutral and good reporting. Yeah I'll miss his reporting.
  3. Same. Seems like every year we hear reports of the defense is waaaaay ahead of the offense, but that's to be expected. Reports of the QB not being able to move the ball, but OTAs are meaningless. Reports of overthrown balls, but don't worry it's training camp. Every year same thing. Yeah I would say it's concerning.
  4. I don't care if he is there or not, but a smart man would be there if only to get sleep at night after having a new born.
  5. Good for Woody and good for her. Now I'm waiting for the royal rumble between her and Berrios Wife.
  6. Jets don’t win that game if Elijah Moore doesn’t stop a pick six at the 5 yard line
  7. Not bad. Catch browns early with maybe no Watson. Bye in middle of season and not early. At dolphins late in season so heat won’t be an issue.
  8. Dude, good for him. I never would have guessed he would play golf.
  9. Your troll posts lately have been as weak as Becton's offseason workouts. Do better.
  10. It's the offseason. Every article will be how everyone will be bigger, stronger, and faster come next year. Everyone will be more focused and primed for a pro-bowl year.
  11. "low-grade" I have never been more insulted.
  12. Your punishment should be to sleep in @FidelioJet’s room tonight for this joke.
  13. Conspiracy Theory time. This is the Joe Douglas “cover your ass” leak in case the draft goes bad.
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