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  1. Game thread should be fun, because he is going to be rusty.
  2. Oh I have had many of those thoughts from the second video.
  3. @Maxman.......This is a tragedy. Your mods are blocking my access to Jetnation.com from select foreign countries. I understand why, but my VPN to correct this sucks. I demand to Roman ritual of Decimation on the mods. Go Jets
  4. After scrolling through the past two pages, I need to bleach my eyes and this thread should be shot into the sun.
  5. In his defense, the Jets keep screwing him with all of the swapping sides.
  6. I love game game day threads. It’s group therapy for free.
  7. Again, I am amazed at how the jets don't just draft bad QBs. They manage to find the worst QBs in the league. Who cares about a top 10 QB...I've just been praying they could find an average QB.
  8. Anyone remember these commercials from the NBA lockout. I feel like they need to be brought back purely for Jets football.
  9. Oh Jets football. You never let me down.
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