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  1. I think they have the falcons tomorrow and Saturday.
  2. I’m with Lith. I don’t care if it’s Zach or Flacco or Mike White or whomever. I just want to win and enjoy Sundays again. Same goes for all other positions. I don’t care who the player is, I just want to win. on Saleh. In game, I like that he seems to go for it on 4th down more unlike past coaches who would punt no matter the situation. I don’t like his perceived soft training camps. Other than that, I believe most coaches are about the same, it just comes down to players. on Douglas. I like him. To me he has the been the most competent GM the Jets have had. That 2020 draft sucks something awful though. these joint practices will be telling how the Jets will look this year. It seems last year was good vibes until the joint practices and then the reports started to come just far behind the jets looked compared to the other teams.
  3. If this is true, no matter happens this year....it was a success.
  4. Because his play was bad up until the injury and he wanted to put something positive out there before being pulled.
  5. Jets receivers dropping passes is a time-honored tradition.
  6. ya know, maybe it's just the beer talking but I can't stop laughing at how every minute of this night keeps getting worse and worse.
  7. Well this is fun....Glad we waited 6 months to see SOJs.
  8. Weight be damned….give this man a contract extension for this tweet alone.
  9. That’s my thinking. When Sanchez and Namath (Before my time but I’m going with it) were in the tabloids for banging girls…..Jets were successful.
  10. rumor is about 10 million. Kid that went to Tennessee got 8 million
  11. He was the one beat reporter last year that kept saying Zach was holding the ball too long during training camp and took a lot of heat for it. Turns out he was right. It was tough to keep up with his slang. I learned that "cap" means lie. Still doesn't make sense to me, but whatever. I thought he had very neutral and good reporting. Yeah I'll miss his reporting.
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