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  1. Your punishment should be to sleep in @FidelioJet’s room tonight for this joke.
  2. Conspiracy Theory time. This is the Joe Douglas “cover your ass” leak in case the draft goes bad.
  3. I wonder if there isn’t some context needed here. I know the jets have by far the most players signed right now and they all won’t be on the team. Are all of those players included?
  4. I remember the offseason fluff pieces on Kaepernick after he went to the super bowl talking about him concentrating on getting faster, when he should have been working on his throwing accuracy and fundamentals. That didn't work out so well either and not because of any of the kneeling crap.
  5. Kiss of death right there.
  6. Really it was just an acknowledgement of someone actually putting in effort. And as Jvill said, I turned down the Dead thread in case another person was needed, so I do not know crap. But I will refrain from now on
  7. Maybe...maybe not.....you keep dodging the question though.
  8. Nah, it's just a game. I think he's scum. He thinks I'm scum. confess, are you scum?
  9. meaningless role. I could never hate on perfect abs like Berrios has.
  10. I don't remember you jumping on someone that quick from one post. Normally, you might create a little bit more of a dialog (like you are doing with me) before jumping on someone. You know Jif better than I but the switch seemed quick.
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