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  1. I want to believe in Rex and every time I go to defend him, he does something stupid. Like "we have the best draft class in the NFL." type stuff. He is a good coach, not great. I hope someday he learns from his faults. Problem is I don't think he is good for the offense. He says he wants an attacking offense, but when his rookie QBs start turning the ball over he goes very conservative to win games. I believe it might be better for the future to let them make the mistakes and try to learn from them instead of being handcuffed. Sanchez may have never been good, but I don't believe he helped him with the red, yellow, green crap. Same with Geno now.
  2. Rex would make a great politician. Pissing down your back and telling you it's raining.
  3. I'm not trying to defend Rex here as he has plenty of faults. The Jets were expected (and are) to be a disaster this year. The consensus on this board wanted the Jets to start Geno to see what they have in him. The Jets were not going anywhere with Geno anyway. They did start him and he sucks. So why is everyone going apesh*t at the results?
  4. At the beginning of the season, Geno may not have been able to read a defense, but at least his passes were pretty accurate. There was hope that if he could "get it", we may have a franchise quarterback. Now his passes are way off the mark and there is no hope at all.
  5. Kind of hard to throw downfield when you don't have time to pass. Until a Jets QB can prove to beat the blitz, it's always going to be that way. The entire jets offense is sh*t right now.
  6. Amazing how good or bad they look when the quarterbacks start playing well
  7. Just when I was about to compliment mike glen non he goes and pulls that
  8. So repeat or last week. Offense won't move the ball, but no turnovers until. Geno has to make a play in the 4th and then let the flood gates open
  9. Cromartie just looks like a liability at this point
  10. Holy crap, I didn't think we would see an offense as bad as at the end do last year again, yet here we are
  11. Don't forget TS wanted Tannenbaum fired last year and to "suck for Geno". He got his wish and look at where we are.
  12. Doubt it, his stock has dropped somewhat this year from last and being an Ole Miss fan, the rumblings I hear around the program are that he is going to return for his senior season. Though nothing is definite.
  13. Hmmm......Gillislee has been inactive so far this season......Is there any doubt he has over 150 all purpose yards and a td?
  14. Why is Tony Dungy being considered for the hall of fame?
  15. Do tell. I don't remember anything negative on Pennington other than him lecturing the media (which I kind of agreed with).
  16. the thread and frankly current state of the Jets are a very bad time for the Bitoni haters.
  17. I stopped reading right here: QUARTERBACKS: C If we were measuring him as a rookie, he’d earn a better grade, but this is the NFL and Geno Smith is competing with the Peyton Mannings and Tom Bradys of the the world.
  18. I am no fan of Santonio Holmes, but being at the Tennessee game and seeing him interacting with the offense on the bench during the game, he does want to win. After Geno's first pick in the first quarter, he brought the entire offense over for a pep talk. Granted it didn't do any good. After seeing that display in person, I can say he does want to help out and win. I think he just really hates the media, like Bart Scott. Also, I cannot stand when he points for a first down and drops the ball right in front of the ref.
  19. welp, goodnight fella's. I'll read about the rest tomorrow while everyone is passed out drunk and pissed off.
  20. yeah, don't know if he was touched before. If not, that is a touchdown
  21. geno is going to lead the jets in rushing today.
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