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  1. Like that Anderson actually comes back for the ball instead of waiting on it
  2. Season was over before this game...at least this is one step closer to mathematically eliminating the jets from the playoffs so the coaches will have to play the young guys.
  3. Mark me down for the $wag Kelly bandwagon.
  4. It's not and that is the problem....with the current cba , coaches can't develop players and it will really be up to hack to find someone to correct his issues.
  5. The Fitztragic curse: St. Louis Rams - Jamie Martin injured Cincinnati Bengals - Carson Palmer injured Buffalo Bills - Trent Edwards injured Tennessee Titans - Jake Locker injured Houston Texans - Ryan Mallett injured New York Jets - Geno Smith injured Hey maybe we can trade Fitz to the pats.
  6. Since Fitz has a history of jinxing other QBs on his team to get the job, how worried should we be for Petty and Hack should they get playing time?
  7. Well, I'm not excited about Geno, but there is at least the "hope" that he has progressed since he hasn't started in two years. I don't count the Raiders game because he didn't get first team reps at practice for the week. But I cannot take Fitz anymore and frankly hope they cut him to get Petty and Hack more practice reps. I don't know the cap well enough to tell if that is feasible. Hopefully, Petty will come in later in the season to start once he is fully healed. My fear is Geno will be just as awful, and so will Petty.
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