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  1. No one is going to be winning the division while Brady is playing. Until he retires, the rest are playing for WC
  2. nah, Pats are superbowl bound. And you had better pray that they aren't facing the 49ers.
  3. I stand corrected then. If McDaniels was under contract and the Pats OC is still there then I think that is an issue.
  4. There is no scandal. The Pats OC left to take over Penn State and McDaniels was fired. Also, McDaniels wasn't even on the Bronco's this year, so what difference does that make? This is a bullsh*t scandal brought up by the media.
  5. This is a lot like spring football. Everything will sound great. Quotes from the players will all be positive and how everything is improving. And then they hit the field in preseason.........I will reserve judgement until I see them on the field.
  6. Has Namath been wrong about anything yet this year?
  7. I didn't like vinny cause he was older and in my view alot like Romo. He would be great, and then throw a back-breaking Interception at the worst time.
  8. In my lifetime no and I am 37.....I am still holding out hope on Sanchez, but if it looks like the same sh*t all through preseason next year, bench him.
  9. I have really soured on him, but I think he should get another shot next year. If there is no improvement by oh say game 4, he should be pulled.
  10. Pats are going to the Super Bowl. I don't like their chances against the Packers or Saints, but I like them over any other team.
  11. I will say, it's alot easier to speak your mind to a hometown radio station in alabama where they love you, to speaking to the NY media who you can't trust.
  12. Here is the Mcelroy radio conversation in alabama: http://www.973thezon...ayer/101201381/ I wouldn't call it "trashing". Just talked about some players caring more about stats than wins
  13. LOL, I hear ya.....I want last year back too. Next year will be Sanchez last year with the Jets as Starting QB before they move on. I just don't want Holmes anywhere near another QB that the Jets bring in.
  14. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. SANCHEZ SUCKS, BUT THIS ISN'T ABOUT THE QB You act like Holmes is a Hall-of-fame player. He's a Number 2 WR. nothing more. He will be average on any team. How bad were the Steelers once he left? I believe they just went to the Super Bowl again without him.
  15. Santonio's recent actions were the reasons given for those that didn't want to re-sign Braylon.
  16. How about they both leave? This is like the Shotty or Sanchez debate. Why not get rid of both?
  17. No one wanted Randy Moss or Terrell Owens before. I am curious to go back and look at those debates. They are also light years better than Holmes. So now why is holmes so good that he can't leave? And as someone pointed out earlier, what plays did Holmes make this year?
  18. no but he's not irreplaceable either. Slauson isn't what's wrong with the offense either. I wouldn't exactly shed a tear when he's gone too
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