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  1. Yes....biggest thing for me is he ledUCF to a 12-1 record, BCS bowl win, and almost went undefeated (barely losing to south carolina 28-25) without a stellar supporting cast.
  2. As on Ole Miss fan I will say Moncrief will be good, but I am not sure about a #1 good. He has breakaway speed and go up and attack the ball. He is also a very good blocker, but last year he did have some drops. Also, you can't really go by his stats from last year as the QB was recovering from a shoulder injury and his arm strength faded bad as the season went on.
  3. Good catch and it's a he. I made the same mistake til I heard him on the sny.tv jetsblog podcast one time.
  4. http://m.metro.us/newyork/sports/nfl/2014/03/18/source-jets-deliberately-taking-measured-approach-free-agents/ Source: Jets deliberately taking measured approach with free agents Despite being linked to multiple big names in free agency this offseason, the Jets haven’t whiffed on as many potential targets as one might think a team executive tells Metro New York. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the team executive tells Metro that while the Jets have engaged in talks with a number of high-profile free agent targets, they “refuse to budge from their salary cap disciplines.” The source said the Jets evaluate a player on the field and will assign a dollar range they are comfortable with for negotiations. They “will stick to that number, even if it means letting the player walk.” He called general manager John Idzik “calm and collected and unwilling to mortgage the future for a big splash now.” The Jets have spent the offseason making a number of under-the-radar moves, including signing kicker Nick Folk, linebackers Calvin Pace and Nick Bellore and cornerbacks Ellis Lankster and Darrin Walls to new contracts. In addition, they signed tackle Breno Giacomini to a free agent deal. The big splash signing was wide receiver Eric Decker. Last offseason, the Jets were limited in their ability to poach free agent talent on the open market due to a tight salary cap situation. This was the result of investment in marquee free agents over previous years, including wide receiver Santonio Holmes and cornerback Antonio Cromartie – both of whom were cut this offseason to create more salary cap space. The source said the Jets showing restraint this offseason doesn’t mean an unwillingness to spend, it just means “that they don’t want to be handcuffed under the cap like last year.” “It doesn’t mean that we missed on all our targets. We didn’t,” the source said. “It just means that the targets didn’t make sense with what John wants to do, and that is build depth and competition on both sides of the ball — not just a few stars. “Fans shouldn’t look at it as if the team missed on free agents. We just aren’t going to overpay and ignore other areas of need. We did well with players like Antwan Barnes and Chris Ivory last year, plus we have all of our [draft] picks. The team isn’t done, there is still quality out there. There will be more signings. And this team is poised to be flexible and active through the summer if and when other teams make camp cuts.” Follow Jets beat writer Kristian Dyer on Twitter @KristianRDyer.
  5. he hasn't really ****ed up and overpaid for players (so far). He is building through the draft (so far). Not many superstars hit free agency. Revis was one, but Woody is calling the shot on that one. He mentioned trading Revis before Idzik was hired. Suppose Revis was to sign that same contract with the Jets. What then the year after. When will Revis hold out again?
  6. Not starting out well for Pettine. Here is his daughters tweet
  7. Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz 14h Eastern Illinois QB Jimmy Garoppolo said he also met with the Jets last night. #nyj
  8. I would love for the Jets to land Jordan Mathews. Sammy Watkins is the only receiver I would take over him.
  9. I don't have a link, but I am pretty sure Idzik said their philosophy is to go BPA in the first round and then may reach a little for need in the mid and later rounds
  10. I will be out of the country and will probably miss most, if not all of next season's games. Jets are going to the playoffs.
  11. No he won't eat himself out of the league, but he also tends to drop the easy passes and he doesn't get separation.
  12. I love me some Jordan Mathews. Watkins more, but I don't think he will be available.
  13. I'd rather take Jordan mathews instead of either WR from LSU
  14. He is a redshirt freshman, becomes eligible next draft
  15. Sounds like a bunch of crotchety old farts in here whining about a game
  16. I was thinking the same thing. Finally getting rid of a head case Holmes and people want to immediately bring in another one?
  17. I haven't seen any outrageous drops, no more than the Jets and the Jets secondary has been playing well
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