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  1. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-1/Hayden-Smith-Promoted-to-the-Active-Roster/5b5e74d9-a849-4580-a155-8d4f1c7441de Hayden Smith Promoted to the Active Roster The incredible journey for rookie TE Hayden Smith continues. The 6’6”, 255-pound Australian, who never put on football pads until May, was promoted from the Jets practice squad to the active roster today. To make room for Smith, the Jets released WR Jason Hill. “Hayden’s doing awesome. He’s out there running the scout team and stuff, and he gives the defense nice little battles out there,” said Dustin Keller on “Jets Talk LIVE” this week. “He is such a big target and he has as good as hands as anybody. He catches everything thrown his way. With more and more work, I’m excited to see what he develops into.” Media reports indicated the Jets worked out a couple of tight ends this week, but they didn’t make a move. So Smith got more work on the offense this week as opposed to only the scout team. And now after playing basketball at Division II Metropolitan State in Denver and starring in International Rugby, Hayden Smith may play in his first NFL game on Sunday. Who's Singing the Anthem? You Fans attending the Jets-Dolphins game need have their vocal cords warmed up for their star turn. You're making your debut singing the National Anthem before the 1 p.m. opening kickoff. All of you. For the first time ever, the Jets are asking all fans coming to the game to be in their seats early and be ready to come together as one voice and sing the anthem.
  2. Dumb stat indeed. Philip Rivers is 1-14 since 2009 when throwing at least 35 attempts
  3. http://news.yahoo.com/hybrid-sandy-winter-storm-threatens-east-coast-064040714.html WASHINGTON (AP) — Government forecasters say a big storm that they're calling "Frankenstorm" is likely to blast most of the U.S. East Coast next week. The storm is an unusual mix of a hurricane and a winter storm. The worst of it could be focused around New York City and New Jersey. Forecasters on Thursday said there's a 90 percent chance that the East will get steady gale-force winds, flooding, heavy rain and maybe snow starting Sunday and stretching past Wednesday. The hurricane part of the storm is likely to come ashore somewhere in New Jersey on Tuesday morning. NOAA forecaster Jim Cisco said the storm is so massive that the effects will be felt along the entire coast from Florida to Maine and inland to Ohio. If this weather hits before or during the game, look out. The Dolphins are better than the jets at running the ball and stopping the run.
  4. aren't these the same players that voted Tebow as one of the top 100 players last year?
  5. He hardly ever fumbles, so he has that going for him. Course it's hard to fumble when only running for 1 yard. *watches Greene fumble twice against the colts
  6. Before the season, I thought coming out of the first 5 games at 2-3 was good. but I was not expecting to lose Revis and Holmes. Or the fact that Sanchez would continue to sh*t the bed as bad as he is. I knew he wasn't great, but I thought that maybe he could limit the turnovers. I was wrong.
  7. I'm not so sure it even comes down to Tannenbaum. I think Terry Bradway and the entire scouting department has sucked. They need to blow up the whole deal. I like Rex and think he is a good coach. He is too player friendly, but he is a good coach. Though if they ever decide to blow it all up, I don't think Rex would survive . They will get a pass this season, but after that Woody will want to make headlines. Unfortunately, I don't think Woody has a clue what he is doing from a football standpoint either.
  8. Good News is Keller should be back from his Hamstring
  9. not so fast. that report is coming from Mort who is about as useful as a fart in a spacecraft
  10. Mumbles cat will not be too happy about this
  11. this same network still employs Matt Millen
  12. Jets 17 Steelers 21 Next week everyone will be claiming this Jets team is the worst ever, Sanchez should be benched, and Sparano should be fired.
  13. yes....to me this is a very telling quote. I always wondered why we never saw Shotty and Sanchez going over the game plan. Sparano is now the first person Sanchez confers with on the sideline after an offensive series, instead of quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh, who is back in the coaches’ box for the first time since Sanchez’s rookie year. Sparano wanted to use Cavanaugh’s eyes upstairs, but the move also speaks well to Sparano’s early rapport with Sanchez.
  14. Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr Just to clarify, #Jets cut Aaitui b/c he tore his ACL in first #Jets practice. Could be released outright because of clause in old contract.
  15. Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz Jets cut punter T.J. Conley, according to a source. Conor Orr ‏@ConorTOrr Can confirm report from @BrianCoz that punter T.J. Conley has been cut. #Jets Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz I hear Jets could sign Mat McBriar as new punter but have not been able to pin down that they've actually signed him. #nyj 3:01 PM - 4 Sep 12 · Details
  16. http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/NFP-Sunday-Blitz-3466.html As I went through my tour of training camps, it struck me how one theme was constant wherever I went: offensive line play is a concern. Every team had some sort of issue up front on offense. I don’t believe there is a coaching staff in the league that is completely comfortable with its offensive line. There is no question line play has deteriorated in recent years. Neither individual linemen nor offensive line units are what they used to be. So I started to ask people what they thought the reasons were. Here are some of the theories I heard. Where have you gone Tony Boselli? *As athletes, offensive linemen have not kept pace with pass rushers. “Offensive line play probably is not as good as it used to be because, more than ever, all the best athletes play defense,” Giants general manager Jerry Reese told me. “You see it at the combine. The height, weight, speed difference between the lines is pretty dramatic.” The Giants have a pass rusher in Jason Pierre-Paul who can do 23 consecutive backflips. I can name some guards who look like they would struggle to do a single forward somersault. The Bears have an interior pass rusher in Henry Melton who was athletic enough to play running back at Texas, and an outside pass rusher in Julius Peppers who was athletic enough to play forward on the North Carolina basketball team. Meanwhile, the offensive linemen are the least talented players on the field, and among the lowest paid on average. The best offensive linemen in the league today (Joe Thomas, Jake Long) don’t compare athletically with the best offensive linemen in the league a dozen years ago (Boselli, Jonathan Ogden, Orlando Pace, Willie Roaf). The Pro Bowl alternate tackles last year in the NFC were Tyson Clabo and Donald Penn. The dominating left tackle does not exist anymore. “Where are those guys?” Reese said. “You don’t see them. People talk about how you have to have a great offensive tackle. If you have one, great. But who has one? David Diehl is a terrific one, and I’ll take him any day but he’s not at the Tony Boselli level.” And it doesn’t look like it will be getting better anytime soon. Among the offensive linemen who played in the 2011 Pro Bowl but won’t be playing this year are Kris Dielman, Brian Waters, Matt Light, Jason Peters and Chad Clifton. Said Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, “Everybody says we don’t have a good right tackle. I say show me who does?” *There is nowhere near the continuity on offensive lines that there used to be. Free agency—and the fact that teams have devalued linemen, especially guards--makes almost every team do an annual offensive line shuffle. This year, only two teams—the Falcons and Lions--are expected to open the season with the same five starters in the same five spots that they played with last year. And in Detroit many believe it’s just a matter of time before first round pick Riley Reiff replaces incumbent Gosder Cherilus at right tackle. What’s more, nine teams have new offensive line coaches. They are the Bears, Bucs, Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Falcons, Jets and Rams. Diehl knows about a lack of continuity on a line. When the Giants moved him to right tackle this year, it was the fifth time in his career he moved. He has played every position on the line except center. “People forget playing together for a long period of time is what makes you the best as possible,” Diehl said. “Now with someone getting hurt, or free agency, you don’t see a group together very long. When we had our best years here, it was when the five of us played together during that one long stretch. That’s what you have to have to have an effective offensive line. You have to have a lot of game experience together because there is so much continuity, fitting next to each other, being on the same page, being able to communicate when you can’t hear because of the noise.” *The new collective bargaining agreement that limits offseason and training camp practice time may hurt the play of offensive lines more than any other group. “It’s harder for offensive linemen to play well together with fewer reps,” Bears general manager Phil Emery said. “They need live pass situations. It hurts their pad level, their feel for leverage, their development and their ability to work together.” *Many of the offensive linemen who are coming into the league have not played in pro style offenses and have a lot to learn. Offensive line play has been a victim of the spread revolution. “They come to the NFL without knowing how to run block,” one NFC head coach said. “The way they are running offenses in college, some position has to suffer, and it is the offensive line.” In fact, one of the reasons so many teams are turning to the spread is to hide line limitations of offensive linemen. Get rid of the ball quickly, and you don’t have to worry about blockers who can’t handle superior pass rushers. *NFL coaches haven’t all caught up with the fact that they can’t neutralize pass rushes the way they used to. Some of them still expect their left tackles to take on great pass rushes as if this were 1998, and they don’t give them enough help. There are more opportunities for sacks, holdings and false starts than ever before. NFL teams threw 17,410 times last year—more than ever. “You can’t run a certain offense if you don’t have the players,” Shanahan said. “Some coaches want to run their offense no matter what. Sometimes you have to figure out how to win 17-14.”
  17. Formerly ranger. No clue why I was banned
  18. Eric Branch ‏@Eric_Branch Former #49ers TE Konrad Reuland has been claimed off waivers by the Jets, per source. I know nothing of the guy
  19. I have brought this up before, but are Sanchez's daily stats concerning anyone else? I have heard reports that he looks better this year, but stats from camp say Same Old Mark.
  20. Insane Moron Draws Conclusion From NFL Preseason Game August 26, 2011 | ISSUE 47•51 ISSUE 47•34 More Sports News Article Tools Email Print Share Related Articles Bobby Simmons Under Impression Nets Are Entering The Bobby Simmons Era 11.06.08 Shortstop Tony Peña Jr. Upset He Doesn't Have A Base 07.10.08 BRISTOL, CT—Basing his argument on an entirely meaningless preseason game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants, a deranged idiot came to a completely ****ing stupid conclusion Tuesday about the whole 2011 NFL season, sources confirmed. The raving simpleton, who somehow managed to string together several words to make the moronic comments, seemed to believe he had determined—by watching 60 minutes of pointless football—how the Bears’ and Giants’ offenses, defenses, and special teams units would fare throughout the regular season and even the goddamn playoffs, for Christ’s sake. According to reports, the mentally ill oaf arrived at his nonsensical revelations by feebly analyzing the statistics and final score of the insignificant contest, which was primarily used by the coaches to evaluate third- and fourth-string players. “Brian Urlacher is still a force to reckon with out there; even though he’s in his 12th season, the guy hasn’t lost a step,” the lunatic said in reference to a linebacker who was out on the field for four defensive series and was credited with one measly tackle. “Urlacher is going to continue to dominate for years to come.” Throughout the two-minute postgame analysis, the severely brain-damaged dimwit talked very loudly and drew a number of foolish conclusions based on a game that was largely played by substitutes who will spend the majority of the season on the bench. While the imbecilic dipsh*t babbled that the victory—in a contest that served no real purpose—proved New York had no weaknesses, he reportedly failed to make any mention of the team’s questions at wide receiver, its need for a playmaking tight end, and the way mounting injuries had taken a toll on its defensive line and secondary. “The Eagles made the big splash in free agency, but I think these Giants have all the pieces in place to win the NFC East and make a real solid run for the Super Bowl,” said the demented buffoon, who gets paid millions of dollars to offer his expertise. “They put 41 points on a very, very good defense. No team in the NFL is firing on every cylinder like the Giants.” The thickheaded numbskull, who seemed incapable of forming complete thoughts before blurting out incredibly dumbass statements, also idiotically suggested the Giants might have a quarterback controversy, citing the fact that backup David Carr threw two touchdowns against a bunch of crappy scrubs who would consider themselves lucky as hell if they made the Bears’ practice squad. According to the psychotic dolt, when Bears wideout Devin Hester caught a 37-yard pass from quarterback Jay Cutler, he established himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL, despite the sixth-year player’s reputation for drops and sh*tty route-running. “I applaud Lovie Smith and Mike Martz for taking Hester off kickoff returns, because this kid is a star wide receiver and he needs to be positioned where he can do the most damage against opposing teams,” the clinically insane, suit-and-tie-wearing man said of the wide receiver, who tallied a whopping 40 receptions for 475 yards and four whole ****ing touchdowns in 2010. “Hester is so exciting. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.” The unhinged twit repeatedly placed far too much importance on trivial moments in the inconsequential game, ignorantly prattling on and on like a jackass about the significance of a false-start penalty that, according to the moron, fully indicated Bears rookie right tackle Gabe Carimi was not ready to play in the NFL. In addition, after watching Giants top cornerback Terrell Thomas leave the game early in the second quarter with a torn ACL in his right knee, the big dumb **** with the microphone actually questioned whether the defensive back really wanted to win the irrelevant ****ing game. Although the schizophrenic clod would have been better off sticking his head up his a$$hole and searching there for more relevant analysis, the mumbling lump of sh*t instead decreed the Bears had finally fixed their ineffectiveness in the red zone, apparently because some third- or fourth-string player managed to score a one-yard touchdown run with 30 seconds remaining against a bunch of substitutes on the Giants. The drooling ignoramus also managed to praise Jay Cutler, an act of astonishing vapidity which in and of itself proves he should never be allowed to speak on television. http://www.theonion.com/articles/insane-moron-draws-conclusion-from-nfl-preseason-g,21211/
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