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  1. I wouldn't say never but it doesn't look good. However, Geno has shown improvement. Since the start of the season, he has hardly fumbled while getting sacked. While getting sacked he is not taking the devastating 10 yard sack, but now stepping up in the pocket. I haven't looked at the stats, but it seems that Geno's turnovers mostly come in the 4th quarter when he has no choice but to try and make a play if the Jets were to win the game.
  2. this smells of a PR move by the jets to check to see the public reaction of moving on or keeping Rex.
  3. Panthers 31 Jets 6 It's gonna be ugly
  4. So far I am optimistic. I think he has already changed the dynamic of the organization being a circus. You rarely heard Rex open his big mouth, although it is still going to happen occasionally. I think his first draft was ok, not great. He took a shot on a QB in the second round. If Geno doesn't work out, it's not a huge loss. I do think Millner will be an good cornerback and not terrible. He hasn't overpaid for free agents. This offseason will really tell how I feel about him.
  5. Bad matchup for the jets. Jets can't beat a good defense and can't stop a mobile quarterback.
  6. If this jinx is true, get a Brady jersey. I demand it!
  7. We scored more points than they did?
  8. Cromartie is playing his way into retirement next year
  9. It's not bad if you were wishing it was Brady. Nah I can never root for injuries.
  10. If Jets lose this game, Rex can never claim this is an Elite D again.
  11. at least you had the guts to post it before the facepalm. Cause I was thinking it.
  12. nice blocking by salas and no I am not being sarcastic
  13. I'm not sure how much I will be able to take today if the offense plays like it's normal self.
  14. Nah, Jets will win because in true jets fashion they will screw up their draft position.
  15. I want to believe in Rex and every time I go to defend him, he does something stupid. Like "we have the best draft class in the NFL." type stuff. He is a good coach, not great. I hope someday he learns from his faults. Problem is I don't think he is good for the offense. He says he wants an attacking offense, but when his rookie QBs start turning the ball over he goes very conservative to win games. I believe it might be better for the future to let them make the mistakes and try to learn from them instead of being handcuffed. Sanchez may have never been good, but I don't believe he helped him with the red, yellow, green crap. Same with Geno now.
  16. Rex would make a great politician. Pissing down your back and telling you it's raining.
  17. I'm not trying to defend Rex here as he has plenty of faults. The Jets were expected (and are) to be a disaster this year. The consensus on this board wanted the Jets to start Geno to see what they have in him. The Jets were not going anywhere with Geno anyway. They did start him and he sucks. So why is everyone going apesh*t at the results?
  18. At the beginning of the season, Geno may not have been able to read a defense, but at least his passes were pretty accurate. There was hope that if he could "get it", we may have a franchise quarterback. Now his passes are way off the mark and there is no hope at all.
  19. Kind of hard to throw downfield when you don't have time to pass. Until a Jets QB can prove to beat the blitz, it's always going to be that way. The entire jets offense is sh*t right now.
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