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  1. Revis pre acl tear is worth 2 firsts. Revis post acl tear and hasnt shown he can be the same player-not worth 2 firsts U do not need corners who areshutdown to win superbowls U definitely do not pay them 14-16 mil a year That is qb money and qb money only
  2. Theres only two wideouts i see it being Victor cruz Larry fitz
  3. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/03/16/irsay-says-another-colts-deal-is-coming/ His twitter is loaded with tweets right now talking about a trade he states its a WR
  4. IF the giants. Dont wantto pay cruz 8-10 mil why would they want to pay revis more?
  5. You have to understand that eli also had his worse oline His career thi year while having nicks injured. Cruz whilegreat is not worth 10 mil a year keeping us from signing nicks and jpp. Giants are high on reuben randle who projects to be like nicks and they also have jernigan ready to play the slot ehich they draftedhim for 2 years ago.. so u grt cap for nicks jpp also possible oline free agent and u get a 1st Also if they can upgrade the oline id rather have very good oline nicks randle and jernigan than a sh*t oline nicks cruz and randle Keep eli up and give him time and he wil carve up teams
  6. Nicks Cruz situation is kind of like the Wallace Brown situation in Pitt Wallace wanted a boatload of money(as does cruz apparently) Pitt immediately locked up brown(whom they value more) Cruz wanted a boatload of money NYG are trying to lock up Nicks(whom they value more) Giants will tender cruz while trying to work on a deal.. if some team wants to cough up 8-10 mil to cruz and a 1st to the NYG then so be it.. good luck to cruz
  7. Sad to see bradshaw go.. hell of a player for the giants, part of a huge 2007 draft class for the giants. helped deliver 2 superbowls.. played tough and played injured weird to see canty,bradshaw,boley gone already.. just hoping they get rid of diehl then webster
  8. Alot of you jets fans are good with discussion but unbanmadmike is a ****ing moron
  9. no id only want revis traded for picks.. nicks and a 1st would be dumb.. revis while great is coming off acl tear, will want a big contract, could constantly try and hold out and he may never regain form if they had to give up nicks it would be dumb. Eli with cruz and nicks will have better chances to win superbowls(which they have) than eli cruz and revis would have at superbowl chances
  10. hahaha sorry but i would be upset if that happened.. cruz and nicks together healthy is a insane wr combo
  11. i would kill to have rex as a dcoordinator over perry fewell
  12. everyone in philli is reportinng this guy is a piece of sh*t in the lockerroom.. not a good pickup
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