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  1. Moore has a bigger cap number, and his play reggressed. Also a probem in the locker room.
  2. He is regarded as one of the better OG prospects to come along in the past decade. The Jets want to run the ball. If the Jets feel like he is the next Steve Hutchinson and he is available at 16 he will be the pick. From here they probably plug DeCastro to LG, move Slauson to RG, cut Moore, and sign a FA RT to replace Hunter. If Tanny cuts Moore, then you can pretty much guarantee that they are targeting an Olineman. Wouldn't be a terrible pick, considering Brick had his best year when Faneca was lined up next to him. If I was Tanny I would try to solve the issue at Sa
  3. I would not be happy. 1. You are going to go into the year with Holmes/Burress starting again? 2. Don't agree with trading down. The Jets have an awful history when it comes to trading down, and picking late in the draft. We actually do very well when we pick from the 12-18 range. We need to draft more impact players 3. Landry is never healthy, and can't cover. I rather have Eric Smith. 4. Mathis has played in a Tampa 2 4-3 scheme his entire career, and is getting up there in age. Not a good fit 5. We are not taking a QB before the 4th round. I like actually like Oswe
  4. You think I like the fact that the Giants are going to win yet another super bowl? i HATE it. Their fans are some of the most arrogant POS's I have ever met. After MF interviewed Rex, some D-bag Giants fan calls in and says. "Why are you interviewing that guy, its like interviewing the Panthers coach" Basically insinuating the Jets are irrelevant. Thankfully MF shut is a$$ down.
  5. Mike Francesca said the Giants are an elite franchise.
  6. At least he gets some good news in the wake of the tragedy with his son. Perhaps this is the kind of the distraction he needs to cope? This guy does seem a little odd though: If I ever had to bury one of my kids, I don't think I would be able to leave the house without some serious counseling.
  7. - Mark Sanchez USC highlights - Mark Sanchez 2009 vs Texans In college Sanchez, and his first 3 games of the year he looked like Tony Romo. If he was developed by a elite franchise like the football Giants, I think he would of had a chance. The guys mechanics are completely different right now. Highly doubt Tony Sparano can fix him...
  8. That's the funny thing about Mike. He will try to give Rex advice on how to coach the team. The Revis thing was stupid, but that was just Mike trying stand up for his point (he made the point all week about the PI call, and couldn't retract the statment). Revis is the only Jet he respects.
  9. Must listen to radio. Mike Francesca has been beating his chest about the Jets this year, and he is going to abuse Rex. I think this is going to end badly. Mike crucified Mr. T in an interview two weeks ago, even though the two worked together in Bill Parcells front office with Giants ("Parcells school of football")
  10. First of all Bart Scott will most likely be cut Its thinking like this that has made the Jets an awful drafting team over the years. Draft the best player available. Burfict (sp) is going to be a pro bowler. I also think he could play OLB much like Scott used to do in Baltimore with Rex.
  11. If Burfcit is there they should take him.... That guy is an absolute stud.
  12. This could be a good discussion CTM. Hackett IMO had more brain dead calls than Schotty (Anyone remember that Lamont Jordan halfback pass?). However, I would also say that in 2002 our offense looked phenomenal. Our offense never exceeded mediocrity under Schotty. Nonetheless, both left a lot to be desired.... I would take Schotty gun to my head.... I remember how much Vinny hated Hackett.
  13. This is really based on "Jets QB" Does Sanchez's two playoff runs elevate him over Pennington in Jets QB lore, or will he have to do more? Right now Top 5: 1) Namath 2) Testaverde 3) O'Brien 4) Pennington 5) Sanchez
  14. Somebody is going to give Flynn a Matt Cassel' type contract. No way he is coming here to compete for a job. I am skeptical towards making an investment on a QB based on two games. I have seen a lot of Matt Flynn in college, and he was pretty awful.
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