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  1. I joined these message boards to share my passion for the Jets with fellow fans. Now, I expected negativity.. especially with the team's performance over the past few years, but OH MY GOD... You people are miserable. I am looking forward to some new faces with the Jets this season. A young QB who has some potential and some good additions to our defense. And, most of all, Mark Sanchez will be gone and we can at least have some hope for the future.. and if we finish 2-14... Maybe we are talking Johnny Football or J Clowney next year... I guess being miserable is part of being a Jets fan
  2. The "elite" teams such as the New England Patriots are probably the worst drafting team in history, yet they are praised because they win. Look at the New England drafts over the past 10 years... AWFUL!!! They seem to have 12 picks every year, yet you never hear from these guys again.. and the guys they end up getting in FREE AGENCY is why they succeed. The Steelers took Jarvis Jones in the first round. I GUARANTY you, if the Jets drafted him, they would be getting killed. But, the Steelers draft him and they are brilliant. Enough with the draft evaluations. No one knows how this draft is goin
  3. I know I am new here and just reading through all of the posts, it appears there are positive Jets fans, there are negative Jets fans, and there are trolls. I think I've got one pegged.
  4. Unless you are just a miserable human being, how can you hate this pick? Don't be shocked, if he doesn't show promise, that they pick another QB next year, especially if they are high in the draft. This pick is a no lose situation. They didn't have to take him in the first round. They didn't have to trade up for him. We all know he is better than Sanchez. At this point in the draft, it was a no brainer... and we can finally say goodbye to the guy we did trade up in the first round, to get... Who knows how any of these guys turn out, but you cannot blame the Jets for taking a chance on Geno.
  5. I wouldn't mind a gamble on Marcus Lattimore late. Might be worth it around the 5th round or so.
  6. Thank you.. I just posted in another thread a similar post. The Jets need defensive players, as well as offensive players.... I am very happy they took the Mizzou tackle at 13. I think we got 2 very good players and that is what we haven't done in the past. I think everyone is consumed with how bad our offense is... but of course if we drafted Geno Smith and Eddie Lacy, all would be right with the world??... wake up Jets fans! We have A LOT of holes. We drafted the best DT and the best CB in the draft.. There are many offensive guys left.
  7. I am trying to figure out exactly what "offensive" player the Jets were supposed to pick in this first round. You all seem to know so much about drafting and who appears to be better picks than what they chose, but none of you are making an suggestions... Austin was the only offensive player worthy of a first round selection, in my mind, and they never had a shot at him. There are still many skill players in this draft and there are still a lot of offensive lineman and a few decent tight ends. Maybe give the new GM a chance... he at least picked 2 guys that are top 10 ranked in nearly every mo
  8. I have listened to some of the Jets draft bashers saying that the Jets don't know what they are doing in the draft.... In my opinion, if you are saying this, you are living in the past... for every Vernon Gholston, there has been the Dustin Keller, David Harris, and Darrell Revis. I copy and pasted a post regarding the Jets draft history from 2005 to 2009... I am not sure if this has been posted yet, but it goes to show that some of you need to give the Jets a chance with some of their picks. Tanne drafted 4 of these 5 years. Hill was a risk, but HUGE upside. List the best right tackles in the
  9. I have just purchased season tickets after 40 years of being a Jets fan. I had made inquiries in years past, but I have 3 boys, and never felt comfortable about bringing them to the game with all of the craziness. I brought my boys to their first game last year and we sat in the family section. I received a call on Friday from the Jets, saying they had 4 openings in the family section, (224B) and worked out a payment plan that I could deal with. Very excited. I heard many are giving up their season tickets this year due to the Tim Tebow signing. That makes no sense to me, but what do I know. M
  10. Look at it this way, if I was a QB and I had a choice to play in New York, in the marketing capital of the world, had a chance to play for an offensive coordinator that specializes in my strengths as a QB, and had a better defense enabling me to possibly win more games, I think I would have made the same choice. Tebow showed in his interview that he has class, doesn't fall for the media's trap questions, and is just a little excited to be here. In my mind, Tebow is the kind of "man" we need on this team.. When asked, after the press conference, regarding Antonio Cromarie's tweets saying he did
  11. Hey everyone.. I know I am not a guy who comments a lot in this forum, though I read it every day. I need to chime in regarding my opinion of this whole thing... I think people are completely under-estimating the Jets fans. What you have already seen in the media and from many Jets "fans" is a lot of negativty regarding the Tebow acquisition. Tebow is such a cult figure and so loved/hated, I can understand people being on both sides of the arguement, with very few in the middle. But, from what I see, after the craziness of training camp and the media circus, doesn't anyone see, like I do, a st
  12. From Rotoworld and the NFL Network In an NFL Network interview Sunday, coach Rex Ryan suggested Tim Tebow could play up to 20 snaps a game in the Jets' Wildcat package. It's roughly a third of a game's projected offensive snaps, and sometimes more depending on time of possession. As Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger notes, 20 snaps is more plays than the Jets ran the Wildcat all last season. The Jets are intent on running a Wildcat-heavy offense, so we wouldn't put it past Ryan and Tony Sparano to get Tebow regular snaps and touches. Mark Sanchez won't be happy coming off the f
  13. Did we win a Superbowl? ... Ok just checking
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