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  1. If it doesn't start til Monday, I'm still in. If it starts Friday-Sunday, dead thread me and I'll do naughty things with cindy....
  2. ah....maybe you should take me out, I'm not going to be online most of the weekend.
  3. Color coding is being an enormous pain in the ass.
  4. 1. Leelou, claims town vig 2. Lily, claims vote sheep, has to vote how I do 3. Hess 4. Jetscode 5. 80, Yetta, Mafia Roleblocker, Lynched Day 2 6. Sakaea 7. Pac, Lionel Twain, Mafia Bus Driver, Lynched Day 1 8. Verbal 9. AVM 10. JiF, town insane cop, NK’d Night 1 11.Crusher 12. SMC 13. Ape, claims random doc, town; "Each night I can target 1 person, and one of the following doc abilities will be used, paranoid (protects + role blocks), naive (ineffective), weak (dies if protecting non-town) and standard (protects)."
  5. So Lily, what happens with your vote if I die? Do you know?
  6. LMAO, ****in' awesome. This game really might be over by Thursday.
  7. Lily, re you be a vote sheep....I've never heard of that role before. Since it seems to be true so far, I'll keep it in mind when I vote.
  8. I'm sure you would. Would an ape even eat jello???? And I'm Peach, for some strange reason.
  9. No soft claim here, I'm just saying, I don't like her claim. Apes play connect the dots? Wow, talented.
  10. Unvote JC Vote Ape. FU too. On a more serious note, Leelou's claim of vig doesn't sit well with me. Granted, I don't know the theme material at all, so can't say if a vig would be likely or not. But it doesn't feel right for some reason.
  11. But she is lady ape....well...more like lady ape from the black lagoon....
  12. And guys, if y'all can't spell my name right, just call me Kae.....
  13. I think Leelou or JC would be a good way to go for today, in light of the events of yesterday and the beginning of today. Ape's case on JC makes a lot of sense to me, so in the interest of competing trains, Vote JC
  14. That was ****ing awesome. Pac now equals Pactard.
  15. This is hysterical. FROM: Patty Lewis, Human Resources Director TO: All Employees DATE: October 1, 2012 RE: Gala Christmas Party I'm happy to inform you that the company Christmas Party will take place on December 23rd, starting at noon in the private function room at the Grill House.. There will be a cash bar and plenty of drinks! We'll have a small band playing tradi
  16. lol, you guys are funny. Y'all can poke fun at each other for stupid sh*t, but I can't vote Pac for being a goober last game without getting called an Ida-ho and voted for. And yes, I do know about the soft rule about the mod of the last game. Didn't even enter my mind, tbh
  17. Gee, I feel loved Vote Pac because I still can't believe he hammered himself.
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