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  1. The great thing about the ignore function is no posts from the three pats troll douchebags..TX, yazscumski and wickedasswipe Much better than begging for bans that won't happen
  2. Based on talent, 11 on 11 the Colts win by 14 or more But in reality, Colts 11 vs Scumbags 19, they have little chance to overcome the tsunami of yellow laundry flying in their faces
  3. Of course, he was waiting until everybody cleared out so he and his boyfriends could enjoy the showers together
  4. Yes they are Of course, 94% of QBS in the NFL, CFL, AFL, NCAA and High School are better than Geno
  5. My Colts play early and my Seahawks and Packers late Go Colts, Seahawks and Packers Beat the Sh*triots and end Brady's career
  6. Last comment on this game before the Refs screw the Colts Go Colts End Brady's career!!
  7. Simple answer Rex sucked Here for his entire losing tenure And next in Buffalo He is a great con man and snake oil salesman though. I admit I thought the Emperor was not naked too. But most Jet fans saw through the con game by his third year, some like me took until late 2013. I guess there are still a few drinking the Kool Aid and blaming everything and everyone but Rex for 4-12 and in the NFL toilet I don't feel bad for them. They will come around when they see his "bullies" drop from 9-7 to under .500 in 2015 Who do I feel bad for? Bills fans
  8. Interesting... Pretty dramatic changes going on... Nothing more important to discuss than ticket stub quality and what do coaches and GMS pack for interviews though Lol
  9. Wish a career ending injury on Tammy? Us?? Never!! LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER
  10. Thanks for that one LMFAO Even funnier than Rex's crack new coaching hires in Buffalo
  11. Even Trump and BonJovi won't be interested once Rex Kotite finishes making them into "bullies"
  12. Is that other thing...the NFL PA Bowl a game for the players not good enough for the Shrine game and Senior Bowl? If so, they should call it the UDFA Bowl
  13. Sorry, dirtbag...done with you I'll let the mods deal with you
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