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  1. Fitz has been better than I expected. last night was poor execution more than Fitz screwing up, particularly in the second half. Marshall & Decker with butterfingers, atrocious play calling, etc...
  2. would be my guess too, especially if ye's hanging it up after this season officially ends.
  3. they should have started rebuilding the oline last year. no reason not to start this year. I'll be disappointed if they don't.
  4. he doesn't throw much. hard to tell how good he is so far.
  5. Panthers are 8-0. You will continue to hear about Cam Newton. Carry on.
  6. super. some guy they sign who was previously cleaning bathrooms will be the world's next best RB.
  7. what are you talking about? media/fans aren't talking about the game. they're talking about THIS.
  8. everyone's talking about this instead of how if the Jets win they could bury the Bills. "brilliant" move by Rex. Rex has always been a champ at changing the way people talk about the game, which usually works to his advantage, because it's usually a huge let down.
  9. the biggest outrage is that this wasn't done years ago. good riddance guys, kthxbiiiiii
  10. nobody knows WTF Woody is going to do. we'll find out tomorrow.
  11. interesting theory, seems plausible. I guess we'll see. I just thought it was odd that there's a league source on something when Woody hasn't revealed anything.
  12. now I remember why I took a break from this forum in October.
  13. if Woody hasn't internally revealed any decisions, who is this source?
  14. I don't think anything Manish suggests is a good is a good idea.
  15. could someone explain the first down thing for me? I don't get it.
  16. not having top QBs isn't an excuse for being blown out regularly.
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