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  1. NY Jets Post Game Drill

    I have not missed a Jet game since 1980 and I am not freeing up my Sundays anymore to watch this travesty. Thats 32 years of football that I have endured and its not all been good. This is what Rex and Sanchex are driving me to do. Lookiong forward to seeing what is on the other channels on a Sunday. I do not believe that for one minute......
  2. NY Jets Post Game Drill

    I just don't understand what Rex and the rest are seeing week in and week out, that ALL of us Jets fans are not?? Are they even watching the same game?
  3. NY Jets Post Game Drill

    Is anyone else tired of seeing that look on Sanchez' face after he throws an INT or loses a fumble? You know, that look of sheer disbelief that something bad actually just happened??
  4. “Play Like A Jet”

    Demario Davis hasn't played one down in the NFL, perhaps that statement should be reserved for the end of the season.
  5. “Play Like A Jet”

    #1, he's not from NY. #2, he's been a life long, long suffering Jets fan who's been doing nothing but rooting, cheering and crying for the lonesome losers for the better part of 35 years. #3, he is a smart and savvy football fan just tryin to have some fun with this so lay off...
  6. “Play Like A Jet”

    That's exactly right, it is a mantra, an aspiration. And why not? You can't predict superbowl wins without some kind of team mantra. Rex needs to let his team know in no uncertain terms THAT is the expectation of how they are to play each and every down. If you're not going to play like that, then take up flower arranging or ballet class. Why not lay down that gauntlet and challenge your team every day, every play, to perform like that?
  7. “Play Like A Jet”

    As I have come to see time and time again with some of my kids' sports teams, heart and guts can at times overcome a better coached or better skilled team. The mindset of that team needs to get back to that play like a jet mentality and the physical body will follow.
  8. “Play Like A Jet”

    Oops, screwed that one up. Not a laughable editorial at all, you can be physical and still be a pu$$y at the same time (Santonio and Sanchez most notably both quit on the game and the team last year). Think they "played like a jet" in the AFC Chanmpionship game vs Pittsburgh or in either game vs the Pats last year??? Really???
  9. “Play Like A Jet”

    You people are seriously MISSING THE POINT!! If saying "play like a jet" doesn't really mean go out there and dominate, punish your opponent on O, D and special teams, then why the hell say it to being with??? Why adopt that mantra as head coach if you didnt mean it that way and expect that from your team? It would just be empty words. And why reiterate it so much so that the players also repeat it as if it does mean something?? I think it has more to do with the players leaving their blood and guts out there after every game, giving until they have nothing left in the tank and wanting that vicory more than their opponent does. I expect that from an athlete getting paid a hell of a lot of money and I expect that from my kids when they compete, because if you are not going to play like that, then why bother?? You can sit at home on your fat a$$ and watch tv.....