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  1. Sheldon Contest Thread

    Please anything to salvage this season!!
  2. With the addition of Harvin I am wondering if any of our remaining 2014 draft WRs are talented enough to contribute next year. Be nice to be able to move on from WR and focus on CBs and O line. Did we see enough in camp this year?
  3. Teflon Rex

  4. Teflon Rex

    that's just simply false.
  5. Teflon Rex

    Nope I wanted fired by the end of year 3. Obviously you are not firing the AFC runner up. But even than all the sh*t we see no we saw than. Substitution BS, constant timeouts for BS reasons, penalties, not holding players accountable. If he stays we will never win.
  6. No positives, this is not Pop Warner. You win you lose. You save discussion like player develop for the off season. That's when you watch all that film and know who you can count on for 2015 where you need an upgrade. Now you win and you lose. No moral victories in the NFL. You move on and you get ready for Buffalo.
  7. Teflon Rex

    Go to any number of Jets blogs or FB pages and literally they have. There are threads all over that have people so enthralled with Rex as a HC its insanity.
  8. Teflon Rex

    That wasn't the theme. It was not only do some defend Rex, their are those who literally think he is the greatest coach ever. Literally. Read the post again. Rex is getting fired, that's not debatable. What's interesting to me is why it bothers so many.
  9. Teflon Rex

    Resume??? He got his shot as all coordinators do who made their bones. Interesting the Ravens went outside the organization. If you mean his first two years? How long is that going to buy him time. A good offensive line, good running game, real strong defensive personnel that was tailored made to his system. He got the most out of them. Am I missing something. Do NFL coaches get to hang around for longer than three years when all of them have come with no playoffs. Down 17-3 against an average Lions team. Don't show up for the Chargers. This deserves another chance???? in pace to be one of the most penalized teams in Jets history. That's not coaching. Too many men on the field, not enough men on the field, timeouts because of play clock on punts, come on man its a joke.
  10. Teflon Rex

    was excited to see my post get some action and be labeled "HOT". Imagine my disappointment, as I opened the thread to read the engaging and enlightening comments, only to find this ridiculousness.
  11. Teflon Rex

    Obviously there is plenty of blame to go around here. I am all for people being frustrated with and even calling for the ouster of Idzik. I would say its even reasonable to defend Rex, and feel like he has been given a raw deal. But the number of people within the fan base who still think Rex is this great HC and exceptional leader of men I find mind boggling. I mean I read some posts last night that sounded like we risk loosing the next Vince Lombardi if we fire Rex. Some saying the best coach in Jets history. The guy is 15-23 in the last 2 plus years. He has lost this team twice, once at the end of 2012 and again this year. Would anyone have traded for the Raiders roster at the beginning of the year? Yet they go out and take the Chargers all the way to the end, almost winning, with an interim head coach. One person suggested when we fire Rex, and make no mistake he is done, that he will have GMs fighting over him for a HC opportunity. Is it me or is that ridiculous. I mean of you consider the entire body of wok, is Rex like John Fox? Yes the schedule has been tough, but come on Detroit and Chicago are average at best. We were offered a glimmer of hop at home against Detroit, but 17-3 at half and were basically dominated for 2 quarters. By Detroit??? The Jets are just not very prepared to play. Losing a team is about as big a sin for a head football coach. And we've been down that road twice with Rex. Its time to face reality Rex fans. He's just not as good as you want him to be.
  12. Read today that the Jets 22nd ranking in pass defense, based on yardage, was better than GB, Denver, SD, KC, and Philly all who happened to make the playoffs. My take is we need to evaluate defenses and specifically pass defenses differently in this era of passing and rules that favor the offense. So while giving up 4000+ passing yards was once laughable, it may no longer matter. Everyone who has even a minimal level of talent at QB and WR are passing on everyone else. So what does matter? In my opinion its turnovers, scoring, and 3rd down efficiency. Many teams can pass proficiently between the 20 yard lines. But if your defense can stiffen in the red zone who cares. Be ranked in the top 3rd in the league in 3rd down efficiency and I bet your defense is giving the team a chance to win. And turnovers is nothing new, it has always been, win that battle and you win the game. So I for one am not sweating our CB situation. At least that's my story and I am sticking to it.
  13. That entire bit (yes bit because they are more of a comedy team that a sports talk show) was pathetic. Anyone who didn't know football and was listening would assume NFL camps are protected by 16 foot brick walls and guarded by 50 armed gunmen. The entire bit was based on speculation, as if you HAVE to speculate what's going on in camps. Has that show or anyone in charge ever heard of research. Boomer your an ex NFL quarterback, you want to provide information than be proactive and get information. Nobody is interesting in your speculation. Jets fans are more than aware of what happens when a QB doesn't deliver, and you helped us develop that skill.
  14. Thank You Dennis Agapito

    Great work Dennis and a big loss. I guess like Idzik Jetnation would not pull the trigger on a bigger contract. Good luck and let's go Jets.

    For a self proclaimed funny guy the author got pretty serious in his defense mechanism response. Joke gone bad is no reason to lash out bro. Just try try again.