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  1. Slim WR pickings in FA market

    Guys a couple more guys who may be available are: Emmanuel Sanders, Jacoby Jones, Julian Edelman
  2. Shonn Greene was a 3rd round pick in 2009 not first....BUT this is totally normal for a new GM to leave the scouting dept in tact for the draft then make his changes afterwards. It's not enough time to interview new scouts and bring in their own guys before the 2013 draft so they usually wait it out. Couldn't agree more with the hope of Bradway being fired.
  3. The Geno Smith Era Or Error?

    All good man i know you were joking...Glad you liked it man. Excited to see what happens the next few months with the roster/minicamps leading up to training camp!
  4. The Geno Smith Era Or Error?

    haha...far from it!! Just enjoy writing about my favorite team! Hope you guys enjoy it!
  5. The Geno Smith Era Or Error?

    Heres the link to the article on the site. When it comes on the forum it gets all cluttered. Sorry about that! http://www.jetnation.com/2013/04/30/the-geno-smith-era-or-error/
  6. Best Mock I have seen so far (NFL.COM)

    Weakness #1- they said same thing about coples. How's his work ethic now? Weakness #2- Check out Terrell Suggs Pro day numbers. How'd he turn out for ravens? Weakness #3- Who doesnt? Mingo needs to add size. He's built in same mold as Maybin. Jones is a freak athlete Weakness #4- As long as he doesnt "Miss" the QB on the pass rush who cares? Weakness #5- He will be coached well and will learn to become a well rounded pass rusher. Im glad others in this forum dislike Mingo as much as me...I feel like people jumped on the Ingram bandwagon last year in a similar way and how'd that turn out? 1 sack vs. coples 5.5 sacks. Jones or Ansah over Mingo IMO.
  7. Did Mike Tannebum take over the JetNation forum name? That's who he thinks the Jets should take. I'm taking Jarvis Jones or Ziggy Ansah. Im avoiding Mingo because he's undersized and reminds me of a slightly more athletic version of Aaron Maybin. I don't think WR is a NEED at #9, but it is a DEFINITE need in the draft. It's a deep WR class and you could get good value in the mid rounds on guys like Markus Wheaton, Steadman Bailey, even Aaron Dobson from Marshall. All in all NONE OF US know what the Jets and Idzik are thinking....and I like this new tight ship that they're running!
  8. Jets 2013 Mock Draft and Analysis

    Under new CBA 9th pick would receive probably 390,000 salary with 1.8 million signing bonus so it wouldnt be as demanding as before new rookie wage scale. Also id rather pay a young guy 2-3million than a guy towards end of career at 3-4. Thanks for kind words. Its def not easy lol! Tom appreciate the response i just think ansah could be a great pass rusher in the league. Guys like jones and jordan scare me, injury concerns and oregon defense respectively. Bottom line is at 9 jets will get a solid player regardless of weakness of class
  9. Sources: Niners in pursuit of Darrelle Revis

    2nd rounder in 2013 1st rounder 2014 and lamichael james. If we cant get nfl player back then ill take 2nd and 3rd round picks this year and 1st and 2nd next year. Although why would san fran give any of this up unless theyre able to sign revis to mega deal? Plus off injury? Its just wishful thinking
  10. Matt Ryan cut down on mistakes? He threw 14 INTs this year tying his career high back in 2009. Wouldn't call that cutting down mistakes and the fact he can't win a big playoff game. Id take Ryan over Sanchez any day but he hasn't limited his mistakes
  11. agreed 100%. I think when its all said and done Wilson will be the best of the 2nd round QBs...has all the intangibles great arm elusive extends plays...people have to ignore numbers from this past season because he had a depleted receiving core, and lost a lot of talent due to issues at Arkansas with Petrino. This kid will be a good one and theyre not talking about him much. Glennon has time and time again showed he struggles throwing the ball in the 15-20 yard range right down the middle of the field. An area that is exploited often in the WCO. Saw in Sr Bowl practice and Bowl game he often overthrows and gets intercepted. Jets need a guy who can read a defense quickly and make a decision to get through his reads and get rid of the ball. Wilson could be that guy in 2nd-3rd round.
  12. #1. Manish Mehta wrote the article stating the Jets were going to explore trading Mark Sanchez...yes but we all knew this would happen anyway no? Anyone could've written that in the paper, because even if they don't trade him he'll say "well I said they were going to try." #2. The Michael Vick to Jets stuff will NOT happen. Don't get worried about this because it wont happen. Age, health and pure inconsistency will keep him far away from here. As dumb at the FO has been, they will NOT bring a guy like that into New York. #3. The Jets PRIMETIME record under Rex Ryan is 7-7. In the 7 losses they've lost by a combined 104 points, an average of 14.8 points per defeat. TWICE by more than 30 points...embarrassing huh? #4. Tim Tebow can get cut at the end of this season for between 1-1.5 million all depending on how much the Jets have been sending to the Broncos every week as salary advance. He was owed 2.5 million yes, but they've paid it off weekly to the Broncos so left over will probably be 1-1.25 million (Thanks Dennis Agapito for this information) Feel free to add on if you have an interesting stat...
  13. Schefter - Sanchez playing

    I think Rex and Sanchez should take a brief vacation and really think this over. Do you want to win or keep losing with Sanchez? Nothing personal, but I am tired of the Giants fans(aka my friends) with bragging rights and me making excuses. Come on, Rex. There is no I in TEAM!!!
  14. A Closer Look At QB Greg McElroy

    No ones saying mcelroys the future. Hes just the best option right now. Who knows what he can do unless they play him?
  15. A Closer Look At QB Greg McElroy

    The knock on his speed was from the NFL DRAFT scouting report, but as stated in the article he has improved on a lot of his so called "flaws" to help him improve as a QB. Mark still makes the same mistakes 4 years later...better college program in Alabama better coach in Nick Saban. Not enough sample size to say but yes, you can't get much slower and less agile than Sanchez lol